Watch Micah Richards and Clint Dempsey re-enact blazing row during Premier League years in hilarious CBS Sports clip

MICAH RICHARDS and Clint Dempsey hilariously re-enacted their 2007 clash on CBS Sports.

Back then, the pair were in action as Fulham took on Manchester City.

CBSClint Dempsey and Micah Richards recreated their heated moment[/caption]

CBSThe duo went head-to-head in the studio[/caption]

After competing for a header, Richards and Dempsey went head-to-head as they exchanged furious words.

Kasper Schmeichel eventually split them up, with the pair both booked for the incident.

With regular pundit Thierry Henry in Italy watching AC Milan vs Paris Saint-Germain, Dempsey joined regulars Richards, Jamie Carragher and host Kate Abdo.

Carragher cheekily made a point of sitting between Richards and Dempsey, referencing their 2007 flashpoint.

Both men laughed at pictures of the flair-up, before Carra suggested getting up and re-enacting the incident.

Dempsey jokingly yelled: “I told him to get his weight up!”

Richards then bellowed: “I was like, ‘you don’t want this, you don’t want this’!”

Carragher then urged them to go head-to-head again, to fully recreate the moment.


The duo grinned as they eventually pulled away – with Dempsey then arguing over who won the initial header.

Former USA star Dempsey then added: “his team-mate had to save him!”

Putting on an American accent, Richards joked: “Basically he’s saying ‘you don’t know where I’m from dog’.”

With testosterone flying around the studio by this point, Dempsey spread his arms as he proudly said: “I’m from the oldest town in Texas, Nacogdoches.”

Carragher then asked Richards what he said, to which he had the others in stitches as he meekly replied: “I said I’m from Chapeltown.”

Dempsey had already stunned his fellow panellists with an intimate admission earlier in the show.

Introducing him at the start of the programme, Abdo asked: “What’s been happening in your life?”

Dempsey, 40, candidly responded: “Well, I’ve got the snip since the last time I’ve been in. No more kids.”

His answer naturally had Carragher and Richards in hysterics.

CBSThe exchange had the gang in stitches[/caption]

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