Watch horror moment MMA fighter is brutally KOd before trying to wrestle referee in worrying scenes

AN MMA fighter was brutally knocked out in EIGHT seconds before trying to wrestle referee in worrying scenes.

Rustem Kudaibergenov faced Ilkhom Nazimov in a lightweight bout at UAE Warriors in Abu Dhabi.

Rustem Kudaibergenov knocked out Ilkhom Nazimov

Crazy scene at UAE Warriors this morning. Rustem Kudaibergenov knocked out Ilkhom Nazimov in 8 seconds, then Nazimov started fighting the ref in the clinch. #UAEWarriors39

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) March 18, 2023

And the fight ended in scary style as one right hand from Kudaibergenov dropped Nazimov.

Kudaibergenov opted against following up the strike as Nazimov laid unconscious on the ground.

But as he began to celebrate, Nazimov was seen grippling referee Daniel Movahedi, believing the fight was still continuing.

The official managed to calm the Uzbekistani fighter down despite having punches coming his way.

It was shades of 2017 when Joe Nehm was knocked out in 12 seconds by Ryse Brink.

After the fight was over, dazed Nehm tried to continue the fight by grappling with the ref.

Nehm’s team were forced to charge into the ring to haul the American off the official.

Brink made short work of his rival – landing a ferocious kick to the face and a barrage of punches to record a speedy KO.

And it seems he was done so quickly that Nehm wanted to give fans their money’s worth an continue the bout.

Unfortunately, the innocent official took the brunt of his efforts.

Bravely the ref managed to avoid tapping out until he was rescued.

Ilkhom Nazimov grappling with the referee after being knocked out

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