Watch former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall reveal baby’s gender using a TANK

EDDIE HALL revealed the gender of his baby by firing coloured confetti out of a tank’s cannon.

The former World’ Strongest Man is expecting a baby with his partner Alexandra Hall. Hall used a tank for the gender reveal of his baby[/caption] tank fired out pink confetti from its cannon[/caption] that Hall and his partner Alexandra Hall were having a baby girl[/caption]

While most people simply tell their friends and family what the gender of their babies are, some like to add a bit of drama to the announcement.

And Hall was one of these as they fired pink confetti out of his tank’s cannon, confirming that he and his partner were having a baby girl.

He posted the video of the occasion on Instagram for his 3.5 million followers.

The video was accompanied by the caption: “3…2…1… It’s a Girl. Alex and I couldn’t be happier.

“The Hall household will be a little more balanced next year.

“Big Love. Team Beast”.

His fans loved the reveal as it was like over 80 thousand times with many sending their congratulations to the couple.

One said: “Awesome! So happy for both of you”.


A second wrote: “Congrats, congrats Mr Beast”.

A third added: “You win gender reveals. Aww massive congratulations”.

A fourth commented: “Never been a fan of gender reveals…but the Tank defo swayed me”.

Hall has used the tank before after it was featured in a video on his TikTok page.

In the video, it appeared to show him being arrested for using it to run over someone’s car.

Hall defended his suggested actions by saying to the police officers: “Well basically, I was going to the gym, MClub gym just down the road.

“And as I was pulling in, this guy cut me off, gave me the middle finger, swearing at me, called me a load of names.

“And then I might have accidentally ran over his car”.