Watch as England fans chant ‘we want our ball back’ after killjoy German cops confiscate it ahead of Netherlands clash

Watch as England fans chant ‘we want our ball back’ after killjoy German cops confiscate it ahead of Netherlands clash

A HILARIOUS video shows England fans chanting “We want our ball back” after killjoy German cops confiscated their football.

The Three Lions fans had a playful kickabout with a £25 replica Euro 2024 football in a square in Dortmund, Germany yesterday.

Jam Press Vid/@follow_englandEngland fans fumed as local police in Dortmund confiscated their football on July 9[/caption]

Jam Press Vid/@follow_englandPesky German cops confiscated a football from England fans they deemed too rowdy[/caption]

Jam PressThe video was filmed at Markt 6 – a square littered with bars 10 minutes from the BVB Stadion[/caption]

England supporters lined up in the boozers on July 9 ahead of the semi-final against the Netherlands tonight and opted to play some football.

But unimpressed cops confiscated the ball, cutting their game short.

The lighthearted clip shows an army of police, kitted in all-black, descend onto the square, booed by supporters for ending the fun.

They chanted: “We want our ball back” as the squadron of cops made their way through the crowd.

They are met with cheers from dozens of appalled fans, booing in the 18-second-clip while bar staff emerge with pints at the ready.

The boozy scenes took place at Markt 6, a market square littered with bars 10 minutes from the BVB Stadion Dortmund.

The Germans have tried to control British boozing throughout the Euros 2024.

Local bars have been completely taken over by boozing England fans supporting their nation in Germany.

This comes after the hilarious moment England fans came together to sing a cheerful song at a lookalike of The Chase’s infamous “Beast.”

The video shows good-humoured fans gathered outside of a bar in Dusseldorf ahead of the next Euro match.

Footie fans can be heard chanting “he’s got The Chase in the morning” at a doppelganger of Mark Labbett.

The England supporters appear in high spirits as they gulp down pints and sing in unison while pointing at Mark’s double.

The man in question plays along with the lighthearted joke smiling and waving at the crowd as he sips on his beer.

The improvised song seems to refer to TV game show the Chase, which has been airing on ITV since 2009.

The programme sees contestants play against a quizzer, known as the “chaser” who tries to stop them from scooping the prize.

Mark Labbett, dubbed The Beast, has been a reccurring chaser on the popular show.

The man in the clip with England fans appears to have an uncanny resemblance to the TV star.

The video has since gone viral online with many users also noticing the close likeness of the two and praising British sense of humour.

One person wrote: “Baby Beast.”

Another one added: “English humour unrivalled.”

Jam Press Vid/@follow_englandPeople took part in the fun and supported their fellow England supporters by booing German cops[/caption]

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