Watch Ajax score ‘most ridiculous goal ever’ after keeper’s genius attempt to restart play awkwardly backfires

THIS WAS the hilarious moment that Ajax Women scored “the most ridiculous goal ever” after some quick-thinking from the opposition goalkeeper spectacularly backfired.

They travelled to Excelsior on Friday night for an Eredivisie clash that unexpectedly soon had fans around the globe talking about it.

Twitter @AjaxVrouwenAjax scored the most outrageous goal after a keeper’s attempt to restart play backfired[/caption]

Twitter @AjaxVrouwenExcelsior goalie Isa Pothof was left completely red-faced[/caption]

Twitter @AjaxVrouwenThe incident occurred as Romee Leuchter sealed her hat-trick late on[/caption]

Ajax forward Romee Leuchter’s brace had given the visitors a 2-1 lead as the game reached its closing stages.

And after her team were awarded a free-kick outside the area, the 22-year Netherlands forward stepped up to take it in search of her hat-trick.

Unfortunately for Leuchter, her effort went high up into the air before dipping at the last-second, resulting in it cannoning back off the crossbar.

However, Excelsior goalie Isa Pothof completely misjudged it and believed that it was sailing straight over and out of play.

With her team chasing the game, she turned while the ball was still in flight to punch a spare one off the roof of the net and onto the pitch in order to quickly resume play.

But the live ball in play struck the woodwork while she was not looking, bouncing once and then spinning to take it across the line Leuchter to incredibly claim her treble and seal the 3-1 victory.

Ajax Women soon shared footage of the remarkable goal on social media and captioned it with: “You can’t stop us.”

The clip went viral quickly with over two million views in 12 hours.


And ruthless fans soon took to Twitter, with one saying: “The most ridiculous goal ever.”

Another tweet read: “The most bizarre goalkeeping I have ever seen.”

A third reply asked: “What was the goalie thinking… or forgot to!”

A fourth fan declared: “Well the category for most ridiculous goal of the season is already closed and wrapped up for 23/24.”

Fifa rules state that the referee has to halt the game should there be two balls on the pitch – but only if it is interfering.

And, seen as though nobody touched the live ball before it entered the net, the official made the right call.

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