Waste Revolution beautifying modern-day art, in African culture exhibition

By Adeyemi Adekunle

Inemesit Joseph Hanson, Convener

A modern-day art gallery that makes art from waste has said that the waste revolution is taking art to a distinct clandestine that makes it stand out from other trades.

In it’s annual African Art Exhibition, which is meant to recreate waste for wealth through art, was organized for women’s development because they are at the forefront of waste production.

Emmanuel Ibrahim, Facilitator

When speaking at the occasion a facilitator at the art exhibition, Emmanuel Ibrahim said, wastes are wealth that no one should let them waste.

Flowers made from wastes

Ibrahim said this year’s edition of the African art exhibition powered by “Your _Writing Camp” in Abuja was specifically created to empower women and increase Nigeria’s internally generated revenue.

Art frames made from wastes

“This exhibition will continuously create synergies to harness more socio-economic development within and outside the shore of Nigeria.”
with support from the government, individual and private sectors, this waste revolution to art can create over 10,000 jobs in FCT “.

The convener of the African Art Exhibition, Inemesit Joseph Hanson urges the men in Art to see women as a tool to add value to art in Nigeria and Sub- Saharan Africa.

Designers wear on display at the event

Hanson said ” women are not going to be a competitor but a tool to change the narratives of Art in Africa.

We only seek the men’s support and assistance to make art what all and sundry will seek after” she said.

Hanson further encourages women to see themselves as an agent of change, and not as tools needed in the kitchen for cooking, she reiterated that all efforts to make women’s development a crucial discourse in Nigeria are underway through her organization.