Wanda Nara reveals she has split from Mauro Icardi AGAIN after trying to save marriage with Maldives holiday

WANDA NARA has revealed that she has split AGAIN from husband Mauro Icardi after failing to save their marriage in the Maldives.

The stunning model and the Argentina star have had a rocky couple of months together.

Instagram @wandanaraWanda Nara has revealed that her and Mauro Icardi have split once again[/caption]

Instagram @wanda_naraNara and Icardi have been married for eight years[/caption]

Instagram @wandanaraNada and Icardi have had a rocky few months[/caption]

Instagram / @wanda_naraNara regularly posts sexy snaps to her 15.5m Instagram followers[/caption]

Instagram @mauroicardiNara and Icardi were pictured together recently in the Maldives[/caption]

The pair broke up and then Icardi was said to be dating a Turkish actress back in November, weeks after Wanda was spotted kissing rapper L-Gante.

By the end of the month, the couple appeared to have sorted their differences after they were seen loved up together in the Maldives.

But Wanda said the trip wasn’t able to save their relationship and confirmed they’ve split once again.

She told Nerazzurri Siamo Noi: “There is no prize for those who resist. I want someone who makes me happy.

“The trip to the Maldives? That was an extreme attempt.

“Obviously, after so many years you have plans and dreams and you want to make them come true.

“But we had already distanced ourselves, it has nothing to do with getting back together.

“When peace ends in a relationship, things don’t work out for me. It’s true, Mauro doesn’t want to separate, but the truth is that since October I have decided to distance myself.

“Things have not gone well. We have quarrelled but there are situations in which it is better to separate to guarantee family peace.

“I see many people growing up in horrible marriages and what is the use of it? There is no prize for those who resist.

“I want someone who makes me happy and who lasts as long as happiness and peace of mind last.

“If I had a boyfriend, the first to find out would be my children, who are very attached to me.

“I think only time will tell what will happen. But it’s a distance with collaboration because Mauro has a contract in Istanbul until May.

“So what I did was rent an apartment in the same building where he lives.

“I created the my world around Mauro so that he can be with the boys. He’s a great father.”

Instagram @wandanaraNara often teases her fans on Instagram[/caption]

Instagram @wandanaraNara recently showed Icardi what he’s missing on holiday[/caption]

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