Up-and-Coming Musicians’ Approach to Digital Marketing

Up-and-Coming Musicians’ Approach to Digital Marketing

The number of Up-and-Coming Musicians is fast on the increase; almost twice the total cumulative fanbase of the current Superstar Musician in Nigeria.

These New Musicians work very hard, and put in so much effort to produce beautiful songs but face dire challenges sharing them with the world.

They didn’t put in all that time and hard work for no one to hear them; they only lack the principle!

As a Musician, how do you get your tracks in front of as many global audiences as possible?

The answer is a tailored Music Digital Marketing Plan that grows your audience while capturing the hearts of new listeners in Nigeria and around the world.

In this article, we’ll look at How Up-and-Coming Nigerian Musicians can use Digital Marketing to spread their fame globally online.


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•Press Release

•Social media marketing

•Search engine marketing

  • Functionalities Of Search Engine Optimization

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As an Up-and-Coming musician in Nigeria, your first goal is to have a fully functional Musician Website with a unique domain to facilitate your musical endeavor for digital marketing compatibility. .Adhang.com can get this done for you perfectly.


Press Release for Up-and-Coming musicians in Nigeria is a written document outlining some crucial information about you, the content you are

releasing, whether it’s a new music video, Record Label Deal or tour; delivered to press contacts to facilitate promotion with priority.

When it comes to writing a Press Release for Up-and-Coming musicians in Nigeria that’s intended for sending to radios, magazines, your mailing list or reviewers to inform the public and ignite some form of hype; follow these procedures below:

  • Have a Release Title with a befitting HD Press Photo.
  • Include a short captivating Caption or Bio below your Press Photo.
  • Include a Closing Statement
  • Include Release information, dates, venue or locations, and links to find your music on social media websites like www.Socialwider.com
  • Attach any other relevant attachments you think may catch your press contact’s attention, by including:
  • The poster or artwork for your music release.
  • Your logo or artist’s promotional photo.
  • A private link or an MP3 of the new music, in case you’re releasing a new song.


Your social media followership, alongside fanbase engagement, is the quickest yardstick to your popularity and coverage in Nigeria.

Don’t be discouraged. As an Up-and-Coming musician, you don’t require tens of thousands of followers before you’re considered a success.

If you’ve got a smaller followership niche that cares about you; it’s enough to convince record labels and the press of your music that you’re worth their attention.

Concentrate on appealing to the right followership for your social media accounts as, 500 loyal fanbase with consistency are worth more than 500,000 fake followers.

To increase your Social Media followership in Nigeria, use the following tips:

Here are a few ideas:

  • Upload exclusive plays from shows in your local scene to your social media page on www.Socialwider.com
  • Engage in consistent online conversations.
  • Regularly post contents about your creativity process, music, and personal lifestyle.
  • Network with other musicians in Nigeria.
Digital marketing solution for upcoming musicians in Nigeria


What is search engine optimization for musicians?

It involves strategic techniques of getting your musical webpages to rank higher in search engines since it is through search that most people in Nigeria discover new contents online. This increases traffic to your website.

Functionalities Of Search Engine Optimization

Knowing how search engines function is the first approach to improve your musical website search rankings. Below are important Search Engine Optimization techniques for musicians in Nigeria:

  • •Keyword research:

This is usually the beginning point for most search engine optimization. It entails the observation of certain keywords particular websites are ranking for already, the keywords your contemporaries rank for, and other keywords potential fans are searching for in Nigeria. For instance: ”As E Dey Pain Them E Dey Sweet Us”

  • •Musical Content Marketing:

Content marketing comes into play once potential keywords have been identified.

For instance: the ”As E Dey Pain Dem E Dey Sweet Us” keywords trended all over search engines in Nigeria and a certain musician released new music soundtrack titled: ”Sweet Us”. Boom! it went viral in a few days.

  • •Link building:

Reach out to other related websites to build relationships and get attracted press links from other websites as off-page utilities. Obtaining backlinks of high quality is one major SEO thing Adhang.com Digital Marketing Agency does for music websites.

  • •Onpage Optimization

Click Through Rate from the SERPs can be increased by meta description tags in addition to off-page utilities as links through on-page optimization of a music website’s actual structures.

  • •Music Website Architecture Optimization

Relevant anchor texts embedded in links improve the architecture optimization of your music web page based on specific terms; creating an XML sitemap that’s equally of great advantage.

  • Semantic Markup

Semantic Markup facilitates rich snippets displayed on the search results page in the form of extra texts, review stars, or even image icons. This is an important trick and tactic that can help promote your brand and music in search engines.  


You can create internet banners and place them on Nigeria’s websites such as Nigeriaonnews.com, Africatopforum.com, Cokoye.com, etc. In case you don’t have the time or know how to design the banners, you can hire assistance.  In Adhang.com we use customized static or dynamic Digital Banners, strategically positioned on our website and others to capture or divert attention for online Advertising across displays, thereby attracting and converting visitors online towards your musical content.

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