UFC fans fear for Conor McGregor after body transformation and claim he ‘won’t last a round’ in comeback fight

FANS have criticised UFC star Conor McGregor’s body transformation claiming it could negatively impact his fitness.

The Irish fighter has not had a fight since July last year due to him breaking his leg in the loss to Dustin Poirier.

Instagram @thenotoriousmmaConor McGregor has huge bulging biceps[/caption]

Instagram @thenotoriousmmaSome fans fear Conor McGregor is now too muscular[/caption]

He recently posted a photo of his huge calves

AP:Associated PressConor McGregor looked much slimmer before[/caption]

McGregor has been busy in the gym while being out injured and he has seriously bulked up showing off his new look on Instagram.

The 34-year-old has increased his muscle mass and now weighs in at a reported 190lb.

But despite his extra strength, fans have been left concerned over the affect the transformation will have on his cardiovascular fitness.

One supporter wrote online: “All that muscle will f*** up his cardio.

“I doubt it will help him with injuries either. His arms are so much heavier and he is as a whole too.

“I’d guess for him knee tendon tears, bicep tears, shoulder injuries would be more likely now with this muscle.”

McGregor is known for being light on his feet and a quick mover – he once hit out at rivals saying it looks like they are “stuck in the mud”.

Fans have now used his words against him, one said: “He [McGregor] looks like he’s stuck in the mud. Looks like he’s turning into the type of striker he used to make fun of.”


Another reacted: “This dude has become exactly what he mocked when he first entered the UFC – a bloated bodybuilder.”

Critics even think he “won’t last a round” on his return.

McGregor does not have any fights scheduled but there have been rumours suggesting he could step back in the octagon early next year.

Poirier may be ready for a FOURTH fight with McGregor recently goading: “Ready to get slapped around again?”

The American beat him the last two times.

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