Uche Ogbodo Laments Over Her Swollen Boobs, Begs Not To Be Body-Shamed

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has taken to her social media to cry out over excruciating pain that had resulted in swollen boobs.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Uche Ogbodo asked trolls who might want to body-shame her over her swollen boobs to back off.

She disclosed that she is currently trying to wean her baby off her breast, which is causing her to be in so much pain.

According to Uche Ogbodo, before anyone tries to body-shame her, they should know she is in severe pain with her swollen breast.

The mother of two, due to the pain, says she is starting to think of suicide.

She wrote: ‘‘I don Fuck up oooo, but before you Body Shame Me, know that I’m in serious Mighty Pain with my Swollen Breasts from Trying to Wean my Baby .. Before I start Thinking of Suicide. Pls who is going through Weaning A baby at the moment pls give me tips . The Pain is Unbearable.”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News