Uche Elendu Speaks On Crashed Marriage, Reveals Agreement She And Her Ex-husband Made

Nollywood actress Uche Elendu has opened up on her crashed marriage and how the separation was handled.

The actress shared some of her sadness and joy as an actress, a mother and a businesswoman on the weekly Vanguard live chat with celebrities on Instagram.

The mother of two spoke on the circumstances surrounding her crashed marriage to her United Arab Emirates-based ex-husband, Prince Walter Igweayinba a.k.a. Nku 1.

Elendu also explained that they both agreed to part ways amicably contrary to the insinuations that the latter dumped her for another woman.

She said: “Marriage is a very beautiful institution, it’s something that God wants every woman and man to experience. Marriage is a union between two different adults from two different backgrounds and two different orientations of life. So, when two people meet and things are not working out as expected, there is disagreement here and there. And you found out that the very essence of marriage is not there.

“I don’t think it is worth anyone killing him or herself. If you can’t make it work and it doesn’t work, it’s better to be alive and happy than to be in a union because of what people will say and be sad and die in silence. In my case, nothing went wrong between us. It’s a decision between two adults to be on their own for a while just to work out things. My ex-husband is a very wonderful person. And I’m sure, he will also say that Uche is a wonderful woman. He’s still my paddy.” 

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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