TRUTH: The APC is dysfunctional

TRUTH: The APC is dysfunctional

Amaechi was the governor of Rivers.

We now know how resourceful Rivers is.

He left the PDP and helped to form the APC.

He played pivotal roles in Buhari’s return from retirement.

He formed the APC in Rivers when it was a taboo to go against Jonathan there.

Amaechi became the DG of the president’s campaign.

The president won.

So Amaechi should at least have peace in APC Rivers even if his whole world was crumbling.

Two years later, while he was a powerful minister, the APC in Rivers was picked from his pocket.

In a normal party that wouldn’t happen.

How did a man who formed the party in a state and led an opposition candidate to victory lose hold of his party in his state while the president he installed was, and still, on the throne?

It’s baffling.

Some things are just absurd. Not only was the feud allowed to fester, but the man who went against the party’s NEC also got a presidential appointment.

Some say when we ask the president to stand by his men and partners we are asking him to be corrupt or to break the rules.

No, we are not.

The president could have put his foot down when Amaechi was campaigning for him in 2018/2019 and told Abe: ” enough is enough.”

And we have seen this president act proactively for himself. He did it against Onnoghen.

Had he chosen sanctimoniousness against Onnoghen and Atiku, he might have been gone.

So why couldn’t he do a bit for his man Amaechi?

I Know how Wike won Rivers in 2015. The international community talked about it. The courts cancelled everything done that day except Wike’s election. That was exactly how that little party was winning it in 2019 before Abuja woke up and stopped them.

But let’s leave that.

Imagine Anenih having to fight for party structures in Edo while being the fixer for the president’s re-election.

That’s unimaginable.

So when I see Obaseki insult Tinubu roundly and then rush to Aso Rock the next day to be received by the president, I feel ashamed.

The party is dysfunctional.

© Ugo Egbujo

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