“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

Triangle is a shape that is three sided in nature; and the sided points have equal value. For example, side A = 90 degree; side B = 90 degree; and side C = 90 degree. Following this analysis; the Holy Spirit taught me what I have never discovered since I was born from our preceding scripture. Below are the inspired lessons I had from the Holy Spirit:

Side A = 90 degree; this represent God kind of sacrifice to humanity. The phrase in our anchored Bible verse “For God so loved the world, that he gave ………” This means, amongst this triangular givers; God gave first; He sacrificed first before anyone. Understand that God is the major front-liner in the field of sacrifice. Nothing on earth today that God never gave to humanity; nothing is too big, which God cannot sacrifice for His glory.

Imagine God had tried to get the whole world back to Himself for centuries; but it was no avail. And He had to erect the triangular sacrifice; thereby He played the ball first. God does not involve himself in what is not important to Him; so, you are so important to Him that He saw you and me bigger than His position. He sacrifices His position to properly position us. He sacrificed His dignity or integrity for us to have dignity. He did what He had never done before for us to have what we had never gotten before. We weren`t qualified for it, yet He gave away quality things for us. He didn`t wait for us to be righteous before making such sacrifice for us. We were against Him in all things, yet never mind that; He yet made that costly sacrifice for us. We never thought of Him, yet He so much thought of us in deep love that He had to make the sacrifice for us. Beloved, you don`t sacrifice something for nothing; despite in our domain of trash and hopelessness, He yet saw something in us, before making that sacrifice. There is nothing God has never sacrificed to humanity; He made sacrifice to the point of giving himself out, which is the highest level of sacrifice. When God gave Himself, He was left with nothing, except for the hope He had in us for His glory. My brothers and sisters, think about this; who are we for God to give all that He had, in order to realize us back to Himself? This is the first phase of the triangular sacrifice.

Side B = 90 degree; this represent the sacrifice of you to you and to God. This looks ambiguous; but I thought it at first when the Holy Spirit was inspiring me on this. The side A is equal to side B, which means the same method of sacrifice God released to you, should be used by you to you, and to God. The sacrifice God made was for Him, in order to gain back what He created. He gave Himself to regain His desire. Now, God wants you to sacrifice yourself, in order to regain your true self in Him. You know that you will never be yourself, until you sacrificed yourself back to God. At salvation; you received the life of God, and God expected you to do the same thing He did to you. He wants you to offer yourself to Him without reserve. To sacrifice yourself for you means; stop dragging your life with God. Don`t share yourself with God; allow him to have a whole of you, as He allowed you to have a whole of Him. “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye preset your bodies a living sacrifice, holy acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.” Romans 12:1

Until you fully sacrifice yourself to you, you may never get your desire come to pass! How do you sacrifice yourself for you in God? Start doing things that is not convenient for your flesh, which is the desire of the spirit: the price you pay to know the right things is a sacrifice for self; the price you make to disconnect from wrong people that will take you to hell is a sacrifice for self; the price you make to condition your life for spiritual exercise is a sacrifice for self. It may not be easy to work against the flesh, but because you love your soul, you have to pay the sacrifice to saving your soul. If you don`t want to roast in hell, you have to sacrifice yourself to save your soul. Abstaining from unnecessary things, which others call enjoyment today is the sacrifice to saving your soul. When God is the only one that has the final say in your daily affairs, then you have truly made your path of triangular sacrifice. Why will you be saving souls, when you have not saved your soul? It is ridiculous! Why will you tell others to sacrifice their lives to God, when you have not sacrificed your life to God? Remember that being born again is not enough to be alright with God; because it is God`s sacrifice that made you born again, which means God gave his life to you. You set a prisoner free does not make the prisoner to be alright; it only disconnected him from a location, not until the prisoner decided to free his mind or life from wrong attitude. Until you sacrifice yourself to God totally for full control, your salvation is not complete. Salvation is a transaction; God gave Himself, in order for you to give yourself to Him the same way He gave Himself to you. This is the side B of the triangular sacrifice.          

Side C = 90 degree; this refers to the sacrifice you make for others. God gave you sacrifice; He wants you to give yourself as sacrifice to Him, which He also wants you to extend the same sacrifice to others. We are to measure the same sacrifice God gave to us to others. “Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all they soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” Matthew 22:37-39

This Bible verse has qualified the triangular sacrifice: you have to use the same measurement of sacrifice of God to you for yourself and for others. You can sacrifice your comfort to comfort others. You can step down from your high position to raise others to their positions. I once worked with a man, who is one of the retired executives in Central Bank of Nigeria. When he retired, he was given 4 slots for his children to get job. The man gave two slots to the poor and kept two for his children. That is a sacrifice! You don`t wait for people to please you before sacrificing to help them in this case. You get out of your way to rearrange people`s way. You save the soul of others, as your own soul has been saved. You take risk to putting smile on other people`s faces. You struggle to stop the struggling of others.

Now you understand the triangular sacrifice; the measurement is the same: 90 degree all rounds. Until you use the same method God used to sacrificing for your life, you will never be able to make the right and quality sacrifice for yourself and others. Sacrifice has rules, so it doesn`t ruin the person who made the sacrifice. Many people are sacrificing their lives, but are not sacrificing for others. Some people are sacrificing for others, but are not sacrificing for their own lives. Other groups of people are sacrificing for others, and their lives; but are not sacrificing for God. Never make sacrifice, until you understand the rules of sacrifice; because it is possible to make sacrifice, and experience scarcity for violating the rules! Remember that sacrifice is not a regular accomplishment; it is a sporadic exercise.       


Salvation call is an invitation for you to make it right with God. Now is the right time for you to do it, because a time will come that you may look for it, and never found it!

If you are ready to rededicate or surrender your life to Jesus Christ now; repeat after me as stated below:   

“Lord Jesus, thanks to you for your word for me today, and thank you once again for dying for my sins at Calvary. I confess that I am a sinner, please forgive me and come into my heart as I make you the Lord of my life today. Please deliver me from every addiction of sin, as I rededicate my life to you as a backslider. Write my name in the book of life. Thank you Lord for saving me and I am now born again. Amen!  Congratulations!

God bless you; and Shalom!