This has been written in response to your post on “writing on a PDP Leader”

This has been written in response to your post on “writing on a PDP Leader”


The PDP Leader I would like to write about is His Excellency; Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. An amiable party man and an exemplary countryman.
Whose achievements for both Party & country, respectively, makes me proud.

A man, in his stint as President, ensured he always sought numerous mediums to unite aggrieved party members who were having fallouts.

The man is renowned for his peace approach, that’s why he extended & still extends a hand of friendship to people others perceived, and some still see as “political enemies”, even Atiku, after the PDP Presidential primaries of 2015.

We all saw his message to the new Bayelsa State Governor, urging him to expedite action on reuniting aggrieved members of our party in the State. Let’s not also forget that he has never switched allegiances and has always been loyal to the Party.
Clearly, these are positive examples of a leader & his traits is what most of our party leaders should emulate.

The former President looked beyond ethnicity, whilst his body language depicted unity & full respect, love & acceptance of Federal Character, unlike this present administration.

This was apparent in his appointments of very credible individuals into key positions, without any form of nepotism, thus, enhancing the country economically & other essential ramifications, during his tenure.

Indeed, the entire country has realised his worth. God bless Jonathan & the PDP.

Send to PDP Smog by David Uche