The Reward For Adequate Service.


“Then Samuel said to Jesse, ” Are these all the children?” And he said, “There remains yet the youngest, and behold, he keeps (serves) the sheep.” And Samuel said to Jesse, ” Send and fetch him, for we will not sit down until he comes here.” 1 Samuel 16:11 (word in bracket added by me – IKJV)

Service is the activity of a servant. A servant is confirmed with services, and services are also confirmed with a servant. Where there is no service, a servant is not needed! To be confirmed a servant, you should be prepared to be on duty at all time.

When King Saul lost the work of a servant to his followers (Israelites), God rejected him, and asked Prophet Samuel to anoint another in the place of King Saul. When true services are lost, a servant is no longer needed; because services attract a servant, and a servant attracts services.

Again, a servant does the work of services of sacrifice, and services produce solutions for the public; which means, every servant produces the desire of the public. You cannot be a servant, and not have what to give to your world. David was faithfully serving his father by passionately caring for his father’s sheep; and God appointed him to lead his generation. David’s brothers were idling away at home, until the opportunity of kingship enthronement passed them bye!

God does not use masters, but he uses servants; because the work of a servant is what attract the position of a master. Mastership position is a reward for servantship position. Until you are a servant, you cannot truly be a master. A genuine master is a boss, who has been scrutinized through adequate services to his generation.

You don’t earn servant- hood, you work it out in the place of service to the people. If you’re too big to serve, you will be too small to be enthroned! Today, we have a lot of Nigerians who are complaining of Nigeria bad system of government; but how many of these Nigeria citizens are ready to truly serve their country Nigeria? Can you be entrusted with this nation Nigeria, for adequate services? You see, when a servant is scarce in a country, a master with dictatorship system will emerged on the throne. By research and theological reports; after David was anointed to replace King Saul, the king still spent 38 years on the throne, before David ever emerged as a king in Israel. Probably, nobody in Israel was ready to truly serve the people, except David, and God was still working on David at that moment.

Idle people look for position, while position looks for servants in their fields of services. You can’t truly be a servant, and fight for position at all times; rather, it is position that fight for you. It is not the title behind the position that matters, it is the mantle behind the position, which resolutes the expected provisions for the people. If you’re a servant in your family, you will end up controlling your family. Joseph was a servant in his family, so he ended up controlling his family. If you want to control that company, be a true servant in that company. If you want to control your customers as a business owner, truly serve them with your best characters and products. If you want to control your husband, be a servant to him. It is vice versa. If you want to control that church, be a servant there. Serve in any place you aspires to be in charge of. Servant-hood may be difficult, but the glory behind it is endless.

Don’t you ever think it is hard to be a servant, because servant-hood is the easiest strategy to taking over territory.

According to Henry Ford; ” Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right. “

When you’re ready to serve, get ready for multiple good news. Joseph served his way into the throne of good news. David served his way into the throne of good news. Mordecai served his way into the throne of good news. Never look for people to serve you, rather look for people to serve. Beloved, servants are cannot be sacked in any company – you can’t render servants jobless, because they make things happen in any company. If you sacked true servants, they will create their own companies.

The questions are this; who are you truly serving at the moment? How are you truly serving in that place? What proof has your services produced in that place. Are you a burden where you are right now or a blessing? The true answers rest within you. Remember that, until you’re a true servant to other people; it will be hard for you to see a true servant that will serve you, and because what we offered to people are seed. Let’s bring down our personal ego and let’s use our costly inbuilt diamonds to serve the purpose of God and our nation, starting from where we are presently.

Reflecting Prayers:- Father, thank you for this great word to me today. I receive the grace of a servant to serve my generation, until my purpose on earth is fulfilled. Amen!

Today Spiritual Capsule: If you sacked true servants, they will create their own companies.

God bless you; and Shalom!