Buhari Nigerian President

The Insecurity In The Northwest States Of Katsina, Kaduna And Zamfara In Recent Time Are Sponsored

My Muslim brothers and sisters in the North, who genuinely believe in Mr President leadership should do me one favour.

They should challenge Idris Ahmed in Coventry, England to do a live video,

And place his right hand on the Holy Qur’an to swear that all the curses in the Qur’an should be his if no one from the opposition contacted him before he started his campaign against Mr President and his government.

Folks. The insecurity in the Northwest states of Katsina, Kaduna and Zamfara in recent time are sponsored.

The aim was to de-market the President from his support base. Some social media influencers from the North have been contacted to rubbish Buhari and his government. 2023 election have started in earnest. No matter what, they know mr President would have a say in whoever succeeded him from his party.

It is a game.

1) Buhari has failed his people. Prof Ango Abdullahi.

Church Blog

2) Power will not shift to the south. Youth wing of NEF.

3) My dad will contest in 2023. Atiku son

Anything else to know? One of them blocked me on social media few days ago when I challenged him with Qur’an.

“Young man, please swear with the Qur’an that the situation in the North is worse than before Buhari took over.” Me.

The motherfucker insulted the hell out of me before he leg it. Emotional outburst of Idris is not for nothing. He is not coming to Naija until their candidate succeed and it won’t happen. He is a liar. I challenged him to tell me his flight when he said he returned to Coventry from Germany few days ago. Guys should ignore him.

Mr President has apologised for the lapse and his boys are doing the needful to their killers in the bush.

Bomb is raining down on them and God Willing peace will return to the entire country.

______________ Oluwole Adesina