My comparison in this post is to draw our mind to the crude generous nature of the Igbo man through his God-given wisdom. Of course, the Igbo man isn’t the only creature in Nigeria with the wisdom of seeking the best way to help his people (or those around him), but perhaps, the Igbo man seems to be at the vanguard of proffering solutions to ending the poverty among his people. To an extent, this kind of gesture is lacking visibly among other Nigerian tribes.

Let’s use the recent or trending news about Apostle Suleman and his “boastful” acquisition of his third private jet in the current ravaging pandemic. To be frank, no natural Igbo man can do this. The Igbo man puts his people’s interest and welfare above other personal needs. But the wisdom of the Igbo man is such that he is helping you to be great, and at the same time, increasing his own greatness. For instance, an Igbo business man who just got settled in his business with only a small shop, expands his business by opening another shop, picking another Igbo boy from his village, and while training this boy in the business, enriches himself, and in a few years time, settles his “Nwa boi” with a new shop of his own.

Now, let’s look at our wealthy (successful) men of God in Nigeria. A careful look at all those pastors with numerous private jets presents a conclusion that those pastors with private jets are not Igbos. Is it that the Igbo pastor isn’t rich or wealthy enough to acquire a private jet? No. The Igbo pastors are there, lifting their people out of poverty.

Fr Mbaka is my point of contact here. While Mbaka can afford five private jets if he wants, but he uses his money to establish industries in his state where people work and earn a living. The Aqua Rapha Investments at Ninth Mile, Enugu has up to 4,500 people working and earning a living through it. This is the typical Igbo man in action. While Apostle Suleman is busy buying jets, Mbaka is busy expanding his industry to employ more Igbo brothers and sisters to work there and make their money. I know that other wealthy Igbo pastors are doing one thing or two for their people in their various states. That’s the Igbo man for you. I’m yet to hear about the industry that a wealthy pastor from other tribes built for their people. For crying out loud, what does Apostle Suleman need 3 private jets for? 🤷🤷🤷

If we make a comparison between Aliko Dangote and our own Innoson, you would discover that Innoson has helped and is still helping more people than the continental wealthiest Aliko Dangote.

I challenge other tribes to learn from the wisdom of the Igbo man. The Igbo man is naturally generous; the Igbo man is full of compassion for his people, the Igbo man prioritizes the welfare of his people; the Igbo man is full of love for his people, the Igbo man is always ready to help his people. Infact, the Igbo man is a true definition of God’s creation.


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