The history of Dethronement of Sarki (Emir) in Kano

The history of Dethronement of Sarki (Emir) in Kano

The first deposed sarki of kano was guguwa Dan gijimasu (1247-1290).
He rolled kano for 44years , the second 22 years as a blind and left office in 1290

2.the 2nd victim in 1452 was Dakauta Dan abdullahi barja . He was bebe (deaf) and ruled kano for only one day.

3.Atuma Dan Dakauta succeeded his father, the deposed Dakauta and rolled kano for only 7days after which he was deposed in the same year 1452

4.yakufu Dan kisoke was sacked in 1565 after ruling kano four month and twinty days . He was reinstated but decline the offer and lived in a place which was later called yakufawa . Two of his sons shashiri and dauda abasama became sarki of Kano.

5.Dauda abasama shared the same experience with his father in 1565 as he was removed after ruling kano for only fivty days . He lived in a village called kwarmashe after he was deposed.
6. The pious abubarkar kado Dan rumfa (1565-1573) was dethroned after ruled kano for eight and half years
7.Alhaji Dan kutumbi (1648-1649) was deposed and settled at DanZaki village in gezawa.

8.kukuna Dan alhaji (1651-1652) ruled for one year and he was deposed. He was reinstated after three months and there after rolled kano for another eight years and seven month.

9.soyaki Dan shekarau ruled for only three months and was sacked in 1652 and there after lived in dakurawa.
10. There was a relieve of impeachement of sarki in kano for 250years until in 1903 when sarkin Kano Alu (1893-1903) was deposed by the British and taken to yola and later lokoja where he dead in 1920s.

11.The acting sarki of Kano waziri Allah bar sarki was removed in 1909 by Mr.Temple, the British residential officer in kano .

12.In 1963 sarkin Kano sanusi 1 (1953-1963) was the deposed after he was indicted for financial misappropriation by muffet committee of enquiry.

He was taken to Azare and later relocated to wudil where the died in 1991.

13.history repeated it self on 8march when sarkin Kano saunsi 11 was deposed by ganduje and taken to loko in nasarawa state.

Would sanusi 11 be reinstated and decline the offer as fourth victim in kano yakufu Dan kisuke?would he reinstated and commence a second tenure as the 8th victim sarki kukuna?would he never test the power again as his grandfather the 12th victim sunusi 1? .

Only time would provide answers to these questions. I wish him the fortitude to bear the lost and may Allah guide him in his future endeavors.

Sources:Kano chronicle,Kano daga dutse dala of Dr.uba adamu,tsarin musulinci a kasar hausa of jamilu fagge, confidencal report of muffet committee of enquiry and so on.