The Gain Of Sacrifice!


“Therefore, I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. ” Romans 12:1 (IKJV)

Sacrifice is the act of releasing a painful gift, without a second thought! Sacrifice is a painful giving, which gives birth to a painful harvest! The symbol of sacrifice is, pain. Psalm 126:5.

In our preceding scripture, we discovered that material is not the first sacrifice we should give out, when it comes to spirituality. When it says; present your body, a living sacrifice, holy acceptable to God; it therefore means the following:

  1. Your first giving to God, which is mostly recognized by God is, yourself or heart. This means; until you totally surrender your life, by allowing God to control every affairs of your life; all your giving of materials mean nothing to God! Until you totally give your heart to God, you’re only trying to bribe God with all your material sacrifice to God.
  2. It is your choice to give yourself to God, and not by force! God does not force people to know Him; He only give everyone the chance to make their choice at every given moment.
  3. God only accept living sacrifice, and not dead sacrifice! Dead sacrifice means; giving a thing to God, which add no meaning to God. Dead sacrifice also means; giving yourself to God, but doing nothing with God. Living sacrifice means; giving yourself to God, and allowing God to be in charge of all your decision in life. Living sacrifice also means; giving yourself to God, thereby the kingdom of God is feeling your positive impact on earth.
  4. Yourself sacrifice must be holy, before God can accept you to be used. Understand that this Bible verse is not addressing the unbelievers, it is addressing the believers. A pure heart is only useful for sacrifice in the sight of God. Until a man’s heart is pure; free of malice, hatred, gossip, criticism, and all kinds of sinful habit; such a heart is not holy for sacrifice to God! There are many vessels God cannot use, because God does not manage people – He always have alternative.
  5. To sacrifice yourself to God means, God must have accepted you, before you can be accepted anywhere. When God acceptaccept you, you cannot be rejected anywhere you go; because you’re already a living sacrifice to God.
  6. Giving yourself to God is the only reason for your service to God. God value us more than anything, when it comes to services to Him. Many people have given all kinds of costly things to God, but have never giving themselves to God for total use.

Beloved, God needs you than anything you could ever give to God. The day God fully gain your total attention; is the day you made a costly sacrifice to God. When God is making decision for you in your day to day life; that is the sacrifice. When you no longer have a say, except what God says; that is the sacrifice. There are people you vowed not to forgive, because of how they hurt you; but God says son, daughter, forgives; and you responded to it? That is the sacrifice. There are materials in your possession, which are so dear to you; and God says, give it out to His work or to help the poor; and you responded to God? That is the sacrifice.

Sacrifice is the highest level of giving. Because it will cause you pain, sorrow, tears, etc. There are times that you willingly give things out – willingly go to church, go for evangelism; those are seed by your choice. But, sacrifice is when God takes from you, whether you like it or not! It will be easy for God to take anything from us, without we complaining; if we have already sacrificed ourselves to God.

Beloved, stop dragging your life away from God; sacrifice it and look away from it. If God have full control over you, your full life will emerge on earth. Those who are finding it difficult to give to God, even when it is not convenient; have not sacrificed themselves to God. Because, if God controls you, then He controls everything you have.

You can’t make costly sacrifice to God, material wise; until you have sacrificed your heart to God. Beloved, this season; let’s attend to the poor, less privileges, the sick people, the prisoners, the disabilities etc. Such people are close to us everywhere; let’s not close our eyes against them. Let someone be able to have daily square meal, with the cash entering your hands. If you don’t have money, give out materials (shoes, clothes, food stuff, shelters) to help people. Jesus loves us so dearly that He sacrificed Himself to save our lives! We can today sacrifice our comfort-zones and all that we have to save others. Harvest is always looking for where costly seed are planted. Genesis 8:22

You have given several times, and people never appreciate you; don’t give up dear brothers and sisters, for the harvest is storing up for you and I.

According to Confucius; “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” So don’t let anything stop you from helping people that need your help, because you’re already a sacrifice to God.

Reflecting Prayers:- Father, I am deeply touched by your word to me today. I surrender myself as a living sacrifice for your use, from today; use me Lord. Amen!

Today’s Spiritual Capsule:- God value us more than anything, when it comes to our services to Him.

Spiritual Caution! At salvation, God gave us His life (righteousness) through Jesus Christ, but we have to sacrifice our lives to God, in order to attain holiness, if we must see God on the last day!

God bless you, and Shalom!