The Future Of Clearing And Forwarding Business In Nigeria

The Future Of Clearing And Forwarding Business In Nigeria

As very self aware creatures, humans not only want to learn from the past, but we want to predict the future. Some predictions have been flat out bold and wrong like when The Times in 1894 boldly predicted

“… In 50 years, every street of London will be buried under nine feet of manure.

Of course, cars came to the rescue in the 1900s.

Such bloopers though haven’t dampened excitement about the future. The future of any business is still a hot topic especially in Nigeria, a developing country with an equally fast changing business landscape.

Businesses have always held the future with a certain keen eyed fascination and rightly so! Unlike other factors affecting business like demand or supply, the future often came with an air of unpredictability surrounding it. Just like the weather, knowledge of the future was keenly sought for. The logic behind the obsession; obvious: know the future and remain relevant in an ever changing business landscape.

 The clearing and forwarding business in Nigeria is no exception. The future of this fast growing enterprise is always an interesting subject to contemplate because the knowledge of the future clearing and forwardingin Nigeria will guide your choices and future business decisions.

So what does the future look like for clearing and forwarding in Nigeria? We’re going to discuss three trends that are expected to pan out in the future.

  • Increased digitization
  • Improved logistics
  • Less human interface

Increased digitization

Owing to erratic power supply and expensive internet data plans, most business transactions in Nigeria have been done offline to ensure equity in areas that may not have internet access.

 There are reasons to believe that this is changing.

Statista predicts the percentage of Nigerians assessing the Internet to jump to 64.9% by 2035 from 41.4% currently in 2021.

  We can hence expect more and more of the clearing and forwarding business to be done online. Also aspects of clearing and forwarding that can go digital like documentation and communication for example will go digital.

Improved logistics

The future of clearing and forwarding business in Nigeria will be an increased emphasis on Logistics.

Still many clearing and forwarding outfits are stuck in the past and remain transportation intensive. Logistics isn’t the movement of goods from one point to another. That is transportation.

Logistics is according to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP, 2014.) the process of planning, implementing, and controlling procedures for the efficient and effective transportation.

Transportation is expected to get very automated and preferentially controlled by individuals in the near future. Clearing and Forwarding companies will only remain relevant if they can offer improved Logistics over transportation.

Less human interface

This isn’t good news for analogue agents in Nigeria that depend on foot traffic to confirm transactions or reply consumer complaints, but the future of customer interaction isn’t a head office at Abuja and another at Lagos but a fully responsive and functional weblog like those offered at Vagmon e-Grup& Logistics Ltd.

 With internet communication, you do not need to travel to ensure that your orders have been taken or your complaints lodged.

An advantage to e-communication is that cases are treated as they arise and with merit not fear or favor.

The future of clearing and forwarding business in Nigeria is bright. To be part of its future as a business interested in clearing and forwarding your goods, deal with agencies more online with these future trends so you can enjoy your service.  Hire the best clearing and forwarding company In Nigeria by visiting