Tension At NIMC Office Anambra State Over Refusal To Register People

Tension At NIMC Office Anambra State Over Refusal To Register People

The atmosphere at the Anambra State office of the National Identification Management Commission, NIMC, Enugwu-Agidi, Njikoka Local Government Area, got tense this morning after workers at the facility refused to register a large number of people who turned up to register for the National Identity Number, NIN.

According to some staff members of the commission who spoke to ABS, the union of workers under the NIMC had held a meeting yesterday, January 6th, 2021, and came up with a decision to stop work pending when the Federal Government looks into different challenges facing them.

Some of the challenges mentioned by the staff of the commission included lack of funding, disregard for staff welfare including non-provision of Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, against COVID-19 to their workers on essential duties.

They also noted that the situation had become so bad that most of the equipment used for the work have worn out or broken down, while workers go as far as using their personal money to fuel the generators.

However, the reactions from the people — most of whom complained to have been coming to the NIMC office for days, while some said that they had come as early as 4am — did not tally up with the submission of the commission’s staff members.

According to the people who had already become agitated, they had met the workers attending to some people after collecting as much as ten thousand naira from each person before registering them.

They also accused the workers of locking them out even while their generator was on and work was presumably going on inside the facility.

The Federal Government had in December last year directed phone users to link up their phone numbers with their National Identification Numbers before February 9th, 2020 or have their lines blocked