Taraba Is Sliding Into Collapse – Sen. Bwacha

A former deputy senate minority leader, Emmanuel Bwacha on Friday alleged that Taraba State was sliding to collapse and needed to be rescued and made a home for all citizens.

Bwacha who is contesting for the governorship seat of Taraba on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), stated this in a press conference in Jalingo.

He alleged that Taraba is no longer in the position to raise her head among the comity of states in Nigeria, noting that something was wrong and needs to be corrected.

According to Sen. Bwacha, he is out to rescue the state from her sliding situation by focusing on infrastructure and making it a home for all citizens.

“I am sincerely weak, my moral is low because it’s all about the future of our children.

“Taraba can not raise its head among committee of states in Nigeria, something is wrong here, the state has lost her glory and we need to bring the state back to her fit and restore the lost glory.

“We can not continue with what is happening now, the state is sliding to collapse, I weep when I drive around the state. There is no government presence in any part of the state.

“We need a state where everybody will call a home, our collective resolve is to restore confidence in the minds of the people of Taraba and bring infrastructure.

“As an aspirant in the All Progressives Congress, I call on my fellow colleagues to collectively work as a team for whoever it pleases God to emerge as flag bearer of our party and I am willing to do the same.

“We pray that God should define a new direction for Taraba State where corruption would no longer find a step, a zero tolerance for corruption and restore the dignity of governance” Bwacha stated.

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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