Sky Sports presenter narrowly avoids being hit by car on red carpet live on TV as studio hosts warn ‘watch yourself’

SKY SPORTS presenter Craig Slater came perilously close to being hit by a CAR while reporting from the red carpet.

The crazy moment occurred on Monday night as Slater delivered a live broadcast from Leicester Square.

Sky Sports reporter Craig Slater was almost hit by a car while reporting from the red carpet

The event marked the European premiere of Hollywood blockbuster Ferrari, which stars Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari and also features Penelope Cruz.

Slater looked thrilled as he gave the latest updates from the glitzy event.

But he was so engrossed in his reporting that he failed to see a car reverse up the red carpet.

As Slater talked to the studio, the black vehicle whizzed by him — only missing him by inches.

It brought about astonished gasps from the anchors back at Sky Sports’ base.

But Slater took it all in his stride as he professionally maintained composure to finish his segment.

Indeed, he didn’t appear to know too much about the incident.

And it led to his fellow pundit warning: “Craig, watch yourself, take care!”


It’s not the first time Slater has been under the spotlight for a brilliant broadcast.

Just last month he turned heads while wearing a bizarre jacket at the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Slater’s glitzy piece was in no doubt chosen to reflect his glamorous setting.

And even commentator David Croft could not get away from wearing the glittery green-and-silver ensemble.