12 Sites & Blogs That Accept Sponsored Article Guest Posts in Nigeria and Their Prices


Guest posting, without a doubt, is one of the most effective and powerful content marketing strategies your business can invest in.

It is highly efficient in establishing authority in a specific industry, generating quality traffic, building backlinks and boosting search engine rankings.

Brands out there seeking long-term recognition, guest posting is your simple solution to help win your target audience’s trust and promote your brand’s messages.

Before we delve into the 12 websites in Nigeria that accept guest posts, let’s start by understanding what guestposting means.

What is Guest posting?

Guest posting, also called guest blogging, is the act of writing blog posts or articles on third-party websites. Although, it may seem counterproductive to spend time contributing content on other blog sites. However, the opportunities guest posting offers are monumental for businesses’ SEO and sales goals.

Below are some of the things you can benefit from when you embrace guest posting.

1.Introduce you to a new audience

2. Strengthen your brand trust

3. Increase traffic to your site

4. More backlinks for SEO

5. Become an authority in your niche/market

6. Greater visibility and social engagement

Top 12 Blog Sites that accepts guest posts in Nigeria and their prices

1.365technoblog.com (Sponsored Post Price: $99)

365technoblog.com is one of Nigeria’s leading tech blogs providing educative and informative guides, tips, and answers several questions on digital marketing and ICT related issues such as app, security, smartphones.

365technoblog.com also has article sections that feature crypto, sport betting, casino and games. Guest posts contributions from bloggers, experts writers, or authors are highly accepted on this website.

The cost of featuring guest articles or contents on 365technoblog.com is 99USD.

2. Africatopforum.com(Sponsored Post Price: $274)

Another top website in Nigeria accepting sponsored posts from strangers is Africatopforum.com

Africatopforum.com is the pivot of premium news contents for Nigerians and Africans. The platform offers its readers latest and credible news stories around Africa from reputable Africa’s news websites.

It costs about 274USD for your sponsored post to get featured on Africatopforum.com

3. Cryptocoinblogger.com.ng (Sponsored Post Price: $199)

Cryptocoinblogger.com.ng is a niche crypto website for Nigerians. The online platform breaks the blockchain industry news focusing on cryptocurrency, investments tips, and market trends.

The site also allows cryptocurrency brands and platforms in Nigeria to advertise their products and services through sponsored posts and ad placements.

Cost of submitting and publishing your guest article on Cryptocoinblogger.com is 199USD.

4.Sportsgoal.com.ng (Sponsored Post Price: $99)

Sportsgoal.com.ng is an informative site that provides sports enthusiasts with the latest sports news across Africa and beyond. They include football scores, fixtures, results as well as premier league.

Sportsgoal.com.com accepts sponsored articles on sport bettings, cryptocurrency, casino and games. Click here to visit their website.

5. Cokoye.com (Sponsored Post Price: $50)

Cokoye.com is another great website in Nigeria where site owners and bloggers can submit their guest contents. Unlike other sites, Cokoye.com is an online forum where thousands of people meet to discuss various issues in the country. They include; health, business, arts entertainment, sports etc.

The average rate for content placement on cokoye.com is 50USD.

6. Nigeriaonnews.com (Sponsored Post Price: $137)

This is another great website dedicated to Nigerians and people around the globe who want to keep abreast of information in Nigeria on a daily basis. The platform delivers breaking news, updates and analysis across various sectors including politics.

Nigeriaonnews.com charges 137USD for sponsored posts on the site.

7. Socialwider.com (Sponsored Post Price: $50)

Socialwider.com is an African-targeted social networking site that enables millions of people in Africa to meet, discuss salient issues and advertise businesses.

With Social Wider, users can create blogs, share photos, chats, join groups, watch and share videos and so much more.

Similar to Cokoye.com, the cost of sharing blog posts on socialwider.com is 50USD.

8. Gamblingblogger.com.ng (Sponsored Post Price: $199)

Gamblingblogger.com.ng is an African-based informational blog dedicated to the creation and distribution of gambling guides, tips and strategies to Nigerians. It is a community where passionate gamblers access betting information before embarking on any news games, bettings or lotteries. The blog is a good site for placing sponsored guest postings for sports betting, casino, lottery, etc.

9. 247healthblog.com (Sponsored Post Price: $99)

247 Health Blog is a health-focused industry blog that covers health-related issues ranging from beauty, fitness to dental or skincare. It also provides reliable and efficient resources to help individuals live a longer and healthier life.

24/7 health blog is a great avenue for doctors, hospital owners and health practitioners to market their products or services.

Want to advertise? Click here to submit your guest post.

10. Forexblogger.com.ng (Sponsored Post Price: $199)

Forexblogger.com.ng is a forex-informational-based blog in Nigeria that provides rich resources, guides and tips on foreign exchange, FX investments, market trends and analysis.

Forex blogger also provides forex brands and brokers sponsored post opportunities for advertisers including forex brands and brokers to market their forex websites, apps or services with a permanent sponsored article on the site.

11. Politicaltalktoday.com (Sponsored Post Price: $200)

Politicaltalktoday.com is one of the leading political blogs sites in Nigeria, dedicated to the world of politics at all levels- national, state and international politics. Political talk today is a surest source for political news updates and insights for political enthusiasts, observers and aspiring politicians.

Politicians or individuals who have political-related products or services to share can reach out the masses through content placements on the site. Sponsored posts on politicaltalktoday.com costs 200USD.

12. Realestateblog247.com (Sponsored Post Price: $99)

Realestateblog247.com is one of the best blogs serving homeowners and real estate investors. The blog site lists properties and provides useful real estate tips, insights and investment guides for potential investors or homeowners.

The website also accepts sponsored posts from advertisers. The cost of sponsored posts on realestateblog247.com is 99USD.

How to place your sponsored posts on Nigerian websites and blogs

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