Seyi Tinubu Denies Fighting With Father’s Chief Security Officer

Seyi Tinubu, the son of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has debunked reports of fighting with his father’s Chief Security Officer (CSO), Fasasi Adeboyega.

He also denied being banned from all meetings in the Presidential Villa.

Naija News reports that a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Jackson Ude, in a report via X, alleged that Seyi fought with Adeboyega over failure to gain access into a high-level security meeting Tinubu was having.

The post read, “Seyi Tinubu was banned from attending any meeting in the Villa, including that of the Federal Executive Council, FEC, by his father, Bola Tinubu, because he was involved in a fight with the Chief Security Officer, CSO, to the President, Fasasi Adeboyega, who stopped him from barging into a high-level security briefing meeting Tinubu was having.

“Tinubu had announced during a Federal Executive Council, FEC, meeting yesterday that Seyi and others not invited to FEC meetings should stay away.

“Informants in the Villa told me that Seyi took some foreigners to meet his father in the Villa for a business deal. He was told by the CSO that his father was having a security meeting. Seyi waited for a few. Determined to prove to the “White Businessmen” that he calls the shot, he went back to the CSO to demand to be allowed to enter to see his father. The CSO insisted he has to wait until after the meeting. Seyi lost his cool.

“Aso Rock insiders said Seyi started yelling, shoving and pushing the CSO in a near fisticuffs. The yelling and shouting attracted Tinubu who came out of the Security to see his son engaging his CSO.

“The CSO explained the situation to Tinubu who immediately asked Seyi to leave the Villa, warning him that he might have to ban him from the FCT if his excesses continued. Other sources told me that the CSO has been having a running battle with Seyi whom he often accuse of cutting him off from deals.”

However, Seyi, via his Instastories, shared a screenshot of Jackson Ude’s X handle and stamped the report as fake.

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