Salt Bae’s been hounding me for years by constantly sending me weird snaps of himself, says influencer Dan Bilzerian

“KING of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian claims fame hungry Salt Bae has been harassing him for years by sending bizarre photos of himself.

He added he knew the celebrity chef was “weird” long before the embarrassing scenes following the world cup final when he badgered Lionel Messi for a selfie.

Dan Bilzerian revealed Salt Bae has been sending him bizarre pics for years

The unsolicited pics date back at least to 2015

The fame hungry chef is seen posing with unknown diners and a flight crew

Playboy Dan Bilzerian was known as the King of Instagram

Gary Lineker slammed Salt Bae as a “pest” amid worldwide fury at why he was allowed on the pitch on Sunday night.

The Turkish cook and Instagram star – real name Nusret Gökçe – was seen wearing a Fifa VIP badge round his neck.

Footage shows him pestering the Argentina squad as they celebrated cup glory with their families.

Gökçe was seen grabbing hold of Lionel Messi by the shoulder at least twice as the baffled megastar tried to shrug him off.

And he snatched the £17million trophy from Cristian Romero’s baby so he could pose with it himself.

Gökçe – who has 50million Instagram followers – was panned by his own fans for his attention seeking antics.

And now Bilzerian – one of social media’s early megastars – has chipped in and revealed more odd behaviour.

He shared a clip of him scrolling through his inbox, revealing countless photos of Salt Bae apparently sent by the chef himself.

They show the celebrity chef surrounded by women, celebrities, animal carcasses, and even just posing on his own.

The snaps date back to at least 2015.

It is not clear why Salt Bae apparently sent so many photos directly to Bilzerian, who appears not to have encouraged him.

Bilzerian told his 34million followers: “What a f***ing goofball.

“Everyone talking about how weird this Salt Bae is, I been knowing that for years.”

Dan, 42, is the playboy son of Wall Street corporate raider Paul Bilzerian.

He became famous as the King of Instagram after posting outlandish photos of himself surrounded by scores of models in bikinis.

The professional poker player also showed off his wads of cash and posed with guns and private jets.

This summer he teased fans with what appeared to be a wedding photo – before plunging back into single life once more.

Salt Bae, a former butcher from Istanbul, now has even more followers on Instagram.

He shot to social media fame thanks to his gimmick of sprinkling salt down his elbow while serving steak.

Celebrities flock to his steakhouses – boosting his profile further after the inevitable selfies.

He now has 22 restaurants around the world selling Instagram-friendly gold steaks at eye-watering prices.

Fifa boss Gianni Infantino and Brazil legend Ronaldo were among VIP guests at his Qatar steakhouse during the world cup.

InstagramNusret Gökçe has made a fortune selling Instagram-friendly gold steaks[/caption]

Salt Bae badgered Lionel Messi after the world cup finalTwitter

He also snatched the trophy away from Cristian Romero’s babyTwitter – @@JCUStreaks10

instagramMessi eventually posed for a selfie with the celebrity chef[/caption]