Ronnie O’Sullivan reveals which sporting legend would be perfect for snooker… so everyone could hate him

RONNIE O’SULLIVAN has claimed that snooker needs a player like F1 star Max Verstappen.

The snooker legend believes that the sport would be more exciting if a single star can take over.

GettyRonnie O’Sullivan wants a player to start to ‘dominate’ snooker[/caption]

GettyO’Sullivan wants a young star to take over like Max Verstappen has in F1[/caption]

O’Sullivan, 47, has suggested that snooker needs a player who can be compared to Verstappen in F1 to add some more excitement.

The Belgian-Dutch racer, 25, has become a dominant force in the motorsport, winning 12 out of 14 races this season as he remains on course for his third consecutive Drivers’ World Championship.

And Sullivan believes that Snooker could do with a young player to come along so fans can see if anyone can beat them.

He said: “I think the sport needs someone. I think the sport is always more exciting if one player can dominate.

“Everyone wants to see that player lose.

“But at the moment, there isn’t really one player dominating.

“It’d be nice to see one of them really dominate.

“Every sport needs one, like [Max] Verstappen, he’s winning everything, people just want to see ‘is he going to lose today?’.


“People want to watch the real dominant players to see if somebody can beat them.

“Snooker needs one of them.”

The seven-time world championship champion, has admitted that there are some good players coming through.

The Rocket picked out Ben Mertens, Luca Brecel and Si Jiahui as potential players that he would like to see “dominate” the sport.

He added: “There are many, many good players, there are some very good players from Belgium.

“Ben Mertens is good, obviously Luca [Brecel] winning the World Championship.

“China has many, many good players.

“Si Jiahui played fantastic in the World Championship, great talent, great player.

“It’d be nice to see one of them really dominate.”

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