Reno Omokri Comes Under Fire For Consistently Discrediting Peter Obi

Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri has come under heavy criticism over his consistent attack on former Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi following his resignation from the People’s Democratic Party.

Since the announcement on Wednesday 25th May, Reno Omokri in a series of tweets made disparaging remarks about Peter Obi and bragged about how he also predicted his defection.

Reno Omokri also said if the PDP had fielded Peter Obi as its presidential candidate, they would still lose big time.

On speculations that Peter Obi might be joining the NNPP, Reno Omokri mocked the party, questioning how they would allow the former governor to displace Kwankwaso from his own party as a presidential candidate.

The former Presidential aide added that Peter Obi’s presence in NNPP would give the All Progressives Congress Party an easy win in 2023.

This generated an outrage on Twitter as Nigerians dragged Reno Omokri for consistently discrediting Peter Obi.

@DonLeksideMufc wrote: “Reno Omokri is a pathfinder of the Hypocrite Association of Nigeria Unfollow him, he is Toxic and a big Distraction. Eyes on the Price @PeterObi2023″

@blakfinger wrote: “Reno Omokri never saw this coming. He thought it was all about shaking tables until Obi smashed the tables with a sledge hammer and used them as firewood for his bushmeat. Reno, trying so hard to discredit @peterobi ended up smashing Atiku’s dream. Reno is politically leprous”

@Kingcreatorr wrote: “Reno Omokri you’ll one day run back to Nigeria and you’ll reap all the evil you’ve sown in Nigeria mark my tweet. If you didn’t steal billions from Jonathan corrupt government hw would u hv bought a house in America and settle there. One day you’ll pay the price for your evil”

@SamsonOgunwoye wrote: “Reno Omokri has been saying some facts that toxic fans of Peter Obi consider as hatred. You can’t run away from reality. Structure and money are very key in Nigeria politics”

@earthqua_ker wrote: “Honestly, I was wondering what I did for Reno Omokri to have blocked me, we never had any altercations. It makes sense now seeing it was because of my tweets in support of Peter Obi”

@emakinde77 wrote: “Am really disappointed with Reno Omokri tweets for the past Weeks concerning this Presidential election,I thought you’re a pastor and wants the best for us all, why are you against PO who has vision for Us?”

@Misonlyhuman wrote: “Reno Omokri is just a foolish white bearded ass licker who thinks himself to be King Solomon. A dunce who likes the sound of his own voice, speaks a lot but makes little or no sense. No wonder they say “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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