A relaxed sister is better positioned for marriage than a tensed up lady who is over-eager to shout “Yes” to any marriage proposal. ☹

Those who are too anxious to get married usually make marital mistakes. Until Adam was put to sleep, God couldn’t reveal his wife to him. A relaxed mind is the magnet of God’s miracle.

Do not coax people to propose to you. Do not scare potential suitors away by putting marriage thoughts in their mind.

There is nothing like getting too old for marriage. It is better to marry an angel at 40 than to marry a devil when you are 25. Do not make marriage look like a “do or die affair”.

Singleness is not a Sin
Singleness is not a Bondage
Singleness Is Not A Curse
Singleness Is Not A Sickness,
Singleness Is Not A Problem,
Singleness Is Not A Limitation.
Singleness Is Not A Shame.

You Can Be Single and Be All You Can Be
You Can Be single And Happy,
You Can Be single And Spiritual
You Can Be Single And Anointed,
You Can Be Single And Sound,
You Can Be Single And Successful,
You Can Be Single And Be Unique,
You Can Be Single And Be Fulfilled..

Never mourn Your Singleness because your present state is not your final state.

Marriage is glorious, beautiful, marvelous, exciting, tremendous, and very sweet but so also is singleness. So enjoy your singleness, make good use of it before getting married.

If you have not received a marriage proposal yet it simply means that you are too special for God to throw just anyone at you.

Relax. Don’t lose hope and don’t be too desperate. Trust in the Lord.

As the Lord lives, you are the next to be celebrated in Jesus name.

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