Don’t chase suitors away with your relationship status,if you are not married write “Single”,if you re in a Relationship still write Single ,if you’re Engaged still leave it as”single “until you are legally married to according to tradition. The wrong perspectives about RELATIONSHIP has made people believe that the word”Relationship”means marriage. Relationship means a lot of things to different people.

Relationship is a connectedness or mutual dealings between two people. Some people see RELATIONSHIP as a bond that binds between two people or group. Marriage is a legal union approve by God.
There are different types of Relationship, so it is good to define your relationship before embarking on it.

1. Sexual Relationship: Some Sexual Relationship do lead to marriage. But it is not SEX that made them marry. Some people might just be in a relationship for the fun of the SEX. Some people are married or have a serious date but still secretly meet with other people to have sex.
2. Business Relationship: This involves a boy and a girl(man/woman) for financial purpose. A girl can be with a boy because of the money favor she is seriously receiving. A guy can also be with a girl because of SEX they’re having,but the truth still remain that there is no true love that bond them together.
3. Godly Relationship: A man and a woman might meet with the intention and purpose of marriage. They took a firm stand for the relationship. They believe in “No Sex before marriage”. They prayed and assist each other without asking for any thing in return.
4. Friendship Relationship: A man and a woman can be in a friendly Relationship. Nothing serious about the relationship, no intimacy,no affection,nothing in their minds,nothing attached etc,just friends.
Some might end up in Sex,but nothing serious is going on between them in the relationship.
5. Serious Relationship: Another name for it is “COURTSHIP”(that is what l am looking for,a lady with vision,purpose and a friend for marriage). This type of Relationship involves both parents of the Man and the woman. In this relationship, there is nothing like,” this is my girl friend or boyfriend”. Good intentions to become husband and wife is the end of this relationship. Both love each other, respect the personality, committed to make it work,faithful to each other, willing to support each other dreams and vision,open minded and communicate with each other through phone calls,text messages, etc. Steps had been taken already to settle down as one.(husband and wife)
Which one are you into?
Please ladies,before you post on Social media ” am in a Relationship”define the relationship first to avoid heart break tomorrow. Relationship is not marriage.

So is engagement ring.
Be wise

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