Relationship 101. 5 Things a Man Needs Before a Woman

Relationship 101.
5 things a man needs before a woman.
Gen 2:15

  • A man needs to be in God’s presence. A man needs to have a clear relationship with Jesus before he can talk about marriage. The security of that marriage is in God.
  • Work: work unleashed man’s potential. Remember that romance without finance is frustration. A man’s esteem is found in his ability to succeed.
  • must be a cultivator, which is the ability to bring the best out of that woman. God gives a men raw materials that is unharnessed woman which you must nurture, pursues, court, work hard. This mean you must help the woman to become what God has made her to be. Eph5:26.
    A man needs to show his wife how she would help him.
  • For protection: men go to Gym to protect their family. While boy to to gym to gym press girls.
  • men must keep the serpent out of his home. That’s a man must be spiritually alert to guide and protect his home. Protect your children
  • Gen2:17-18 Word of God. A man must be able to give his wife direction based on the word of God. A man need to invest in the word of God. We men must be priests of our home.
  • Any man who doesn’t have any of the above shouldn’t look for a woman to marry until he possesses these qualities.*

Emotional needs of men and women
1.Respect while a woman needs Affection. A woman must respect a man while a man must love his wife unconditionally. Eph 5:33

  1. A man needs an attractive wife. Ladies please keep the relationship hot by keeping your appearance neat and attractive for him.
    3 A woman needs financial support, domestic support.

👉Practical ways to show unconditional respect
*Look out for ways to show honor to your husband

  • Focus on what your husband does well. Forget his weaknesses
  • encourage your husband when he gives spiritual direction in the home.
  • think before you speak to your husband, always allow sweet words to flow from your mouth, never allow negative/abusive word on your husband

👉Learn these 3 T👈
Text:: what you will say
Time:: when to come up with certain sensitive conversations.
Tone:: how you express your conversation with him matters how your husband will react to you.

Prov 3:5-6 you can never have a successful marriage without God. Before even starting to search for a life partner, you must first of all consult God.
Psalms 33:13-15 God knows us all, individually and searches our hearts
4 types of every individual
Real you
Blind side

Signs that you’re making the right choice.
Inner peace .