President Tinubu Directs Security Agencies To Recover N500 Billion Anchor Borrowers Loans

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has directed the relevant security agencies to recover over N500 billion given as loans under the Federal Government’s Anchor Borrowers Programme.

Naija News understand that about N1.1 trillion was sunk into the Loan Programme instituted by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), of which only N575 billion has so far been recovered.

According to The Nation, the agencies saddled with the responsibility of recovering the outstanding loans are targeting banks, farmers and other individuals who had one thing or the other to do with the money.

Sources told the newspaper that many of the banks are accused of failing to account for the funds that passed through them for disbursement to beneficiaries.

One of the sources said: “Most of the banks have not accounted for the funds given to them for the programme.

“Many of them got money they did not disburse and never returned such money to the government.

“So they have to account for those. The banks have been contacted, and some of them have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the probe.

“As it is, the Presidency has given marching orders that relevant security agencies recover the loans for the Federal Government.

“Among those who would be involved in the probe are the farmers, individuals, banks, companies, microfinance banks, credit and thrift services, among others.

“In the coming days, more details would come to light over the matter, but for now, it is confirmed that the go-ahead has been given for the money to be recovered.

“It is not out of place for the Presidency to give such orders to security agencies on issues of national importance. It is not unusual for the president to authorize security agencies to carry out such tasks.

“As I said, many of the banks did not account for the money in their custody, which they did not disburse.

“They have been written to in respect of the probe, and some have expressed their commitment to work with the security agencies on the matter.”

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