Premier League star struggled in games after being stalked by Orla Melissa Sloan who falsely claimed to be pregnant

A PREMIER League star struggled in games after he was stalked by the “Devil Baby” influencer.

Brighton midfielder Billy Gilmour, 21, was one of three players, including Chelsea’s Mason Mount, 24, and Ben Chilwell, 26, by Orla Melissa Sloan, 22.

Orla Melissa Sloan bombarded the footie stars with persistent calls and messagesorlamelissa

Brighton star Billy Gilmour told the court he had been taking sleeping tablets which had affected his gameRex

Sloan sent Gilmour messages about Mountorlamelissa

The Instagram influencer, who has 81,000 followers, bombarded the stars with persistent calls and messages.

Sloan appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court where she admitted one count of harassment without violence and two of stalking.

The court was told she was invited to a party at Chilwell’s house after chatting to him over Instagram.

She slept with Mount once after meeting him at the bash and the pair chatted “sporadically” for around six months until he cut things off.

Sloan then began bombarding the star with messages after changing her number 21 times when he kept blocking her.

The court heard that not only did she message Mount but also bombarded Gilmour with messages about the Blues’ midfielder.

Gilmour told the court how the stalking continued even after he moved to Brighton in September 2022 on a £9million deal from Chelsea.

His new club put safety measures in place after he expressed his concerns over Sloan.

Gilmour was also forced to delete all his friends and family from Instagram so she could not contact them.

He said: “I have not been able to sleep and I have had to take sleeping tablets which has affected my performance.”

The star added: “Being alone in a new town where I didn’t have any friends or family is very isolating.

“This is a person I met once for a brief period of time.”

Sloan also sent Mount a screenshot of her paying £12.99 for a new number from Apple, saying: “I’m not buying food anymore so I can get more numbers.”

Obsessed Sloan told him: “You must apologise or you will unlock a new character – Devil Baby.”

Mount was left terrified she would show up at the Chelsea training centre after she was unable to contact him.

She also made an Instagram account with the username DevilBaby_10, which she used to create collages of Chilwell with other women.

The stalker tagged his family and friends in the “completely fictitious” posts during her campaign of harassment.

Sloan admitted she stalked England star Mount between June 19, 2022 to October 28 and Scots international Gilmour between September 10 2022, and October 28.

She also pleaded guilty to harassing Chilwell without violence between October 20 and 29.

The influencer, who refused to comment after the case, will be sentenced on June 20.

Sloan claims on her Instagram page she is an ambassador for Fashion Nova, a Los Angeles based online fast fashion retailer.

She regularly posts photos of her lavish lifestyle from her travels in London, Mykonos and Bali, Indonesia.

The influencer has boasted she made £50,000 from eating Percy Pigs while naked.

Sloan has also claimed she got a “lifetime ban” from Asda for stripping off in the aisles.

The influencer also uses her TikTok page to post about dating and relationships.

The influencer is due to be sentenced on June 20orlamelissa

Sloan stalked Mason Mount between January 1, 2022, and October 28

Louis WoodShe pleaded guilty to the charges when she appeared in court[/caption]