Premier League legend once had a poo in Saddam Hussein’s golden toilet while with Playboy model

FORMER Liverpool defender Neil “Razor” Ruddock has revealed he once had a poo in Saddam Hussein’s golden toilet.

The one-cap England centre-back, 55, was invited to Iraq to entertain British troops.

Former footballer Neil Ruddock, right, has recalled the story which involves his now wife Leah Newman, leftGetty – Contributor

Defender Ruddock spent five years on Liverpool’s books during the 1990sGetty

?? Tom LindboeRuddock recalls sitting on Saddam Hussein’s gold toilet[/caption]

Hussein was president of Iraq from 1979 to 2003AFP

He was joined on the trip by Playboy models Jo Guest and Leah Newman – who he would later marry in 2013.

They were taken to a British base in Baghdad – a camp which was previously the home of former Iraqi president Hussein.

And after a tour of the premises, Ruddock took the opportunity to use a gold toilet he had spotted in one of the bathrooms – before he was later joined in there by Leah.

Recalling the story in his autobiography, ‘The World According to Razor’, he said: “We’d been told about this beforehand and as soon as we found it I asked Leah to leave the room. ‘Why?’ she asked. ‘Because I want to take a dump in Saddam Hussein’s bog’. She didn’t need asking twice.

“When I was halfway through I got lonely so I asked Leah if she’d come in and take a photo of me reading a newspaper on this bog and she very kindly obliged.”

Afterwards, things got weirder.

Ruddock proceeded to engage Leah in a bit of wrestling.

He continued: “Once I’d washed my hands we went into the bedroom that was adjacent to Saddam’s gold toilet and, just for a laugh, I pushed Leah onto the bed.


“Actually, it wasn’t just for a laugh. I wanted to see if she was up for a quick wrestle, if you see what I mean, and after jumping on after her and trying a hold or two it appeared she wasn’t. Yet! She was definitely weakening though.

“When me and Leah stepped out of the lift into reception there were about a hundred squaddies and as soon as they saw us they all started cheering and gave us a massive round of applause.

“It turned out there were CCTV cameras everywhere apart from the bog, thank God, and my failed wrestling match had been broadcast for all to see. Thank God she said no, that’s all I can say! Imagine having your own sex tape before you’ve even had a date.”

Ruddock and Leah remain married to this day, while the ex-footballer is still occasionally seen on TV as he has become known for his larger-than-life personality.

Concluding the story, he added: “Just as I suspected, Leah did eventually succumb to my charms (no woman could resist them for long), and when we arrived back in England we started seeing each other.

“I always describe her as being my best mate and that’s no exaggeration. She makes me laugh like nobody else I know.”

Ruddock enjoyed a 17-year professional career which saw him feature for a host of English clubs including Millwall, Tottenham, Southampton, Liverpool, QPR, West Ham, Crystal Palace and Swindon.

His only major trophy came with Liverpool in 1995 when they claimed the League Cup.

Ruddock’s solitary England cap came under Terry Venables in 1994 when he started in a 1-0 friendly win over Nigeria.

Leah has been married to Ruddock for 10 years

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