Poundshop World Cup lookalikes mocked after mingling with fans in Qatar… can you guess who they’re meant to be?

As Argentina rides the wave of it’s triumph at the World Cup, two revellers in particular were singled out by the crowd.

Could it be? Two integral members of the team that brought the golden trophy home after 36 years are out celebrating in the crowds?

TwitterThe two lookalikes found each other amongst the crowd[/caption]

GettySeeing double? Messi and Di Maria celebrate during the World Cup final after Messi’s goal[/caption]

Dressed similar, albeit more budget, what looks like the superstar forward and his feisty winger were caught within the ruckus as crazed fans excitedly snapped pictures.

Lookalikes of both Argentina’s caption Lionel Messi and star player Angel Di Maria found themselves going viral on Tuesday after they were papped out partying.

Amongst all the utter joy of Argentine fans in the comments, a good-natured mocking was also taking place.

One user joked: “Messi and Di Maria but with life struggling and loans.”

Another commented: “Messi and Di Maria from Walmart”.

Specsavers even quipped: “Great to see them out celebrating with the public, so humble.”

The real heroes of the game were welcomed home as royalty on Tuesday by crowds lining the streets and a national holiday devoted to the team’s win.

Captain Messi departed the plane with the World Cup in hand before parading around on an open top bus for thousands to admire.

The crowds went wild as they screamed for the team that brought the South American champions their third win – a win they had waited 36 years for.

APThe real Messi and Di Maria drink in the euphoria of the crowds as they travel through the capital[/caption]

AFPOne million people were reported to have gathered around the Obelisk monument in Buenos Aires[/caption]

AFPFrom London to Brazil, fans all over the world rejoiced at the momentous victory[/caption]

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