Photo Of Kidnapped Teenagers Dumped Near River

The photo of the two teenagers discovered by the police at Oru Ijebu riverside, Ogun State where they were dumped by their abductors has surfaced on social media.

The spokesperson of Ogun State Police Command, Omolola Odutola  said the boys, Chindalu Umadi (17 years) and Udeba David (16 years), were successfully rescued on September 3, at approximately 3:30 pm by police officers from the Oru Division.

She stated that the boys had been kidnapped earlier that day at around 8:20 a.m. in the Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos State.

The police spokesperson stated: “Two unknown individuals abducted them into a Toyota saloon car, and the victims have no recollection of what happened during their captivity until they were discovered abandoned near a riverside in Oru Ijebu.

According to her statement, they were fortunate as the prompt response of the patrol men from Oru Ijebu led to their rescue, and they were subsequently taken to the police station.

It was said that the Divisional Police Officer, CSP Mathew Ediae, in an interview with the boys, learnt that the teenagers were “on their way to play football when they were forcibly taken.”

Odutola informed that the police had made efforts to contact the parents of the victims.

“The parents, who had been searching for their children throughout the day, received a call from the DPO informing them that the teenagers have been safely located and are in the custody of the police,” she said, adding that the teenagers would be reunited with their families after proper identification.

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