Peter Of Psquare Shares What Musicians Go Through To Entertain Fans

One of the singers of the Psquare music group, Peter Okoye has taken to social media to share the stress some musicians go through to entertain their fans.

Naija News reports that the singer made this known by sharing a video of himself enduring muscle pull pain in a private plane.

According to the father of two, entertainers go through a lot to make their fans happy with their contents.

Taking to his Instagram page to share the video, Peter captioned it; ”What we go through just to get y’all entertained! Well! Its our work oh! #MuscleStrain”

Meanwhile, Peter Okoye of PSquare, has blasted online beggars in a long rant on his Twitter page.

This comes after a Twitter user named Prince Nerrow, demanded N500,000 from numerous top personalities such as Davido, Femi Otedola, Naira Marley, Dangote.

In reaction to the man’s demand, the father of two called out people who do the same online, advising them to stop.

According to the singer, posts like Nerrow’s own is what online fraudsters usually look out for because they see how desperate the person is for giveaways.

Now! Tweets like this is what this fraudstars are after off. They see how desperate you come online and beg fo money or giveaway and they will take advantage of you! By claiming its me and you will fal for it! Stop the fucking onling begging. Irritaing”

Peter then made gest of people who fell for scams disguised as giveaways where they are told to pay an amount of money to reclaim more money as their prize.

The singer wrote: “It’s like me saying I am doing giveaway of N100k each but you have to send me N30k first to receive the N100k.”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News