Peter Crouch laughs off awkward moment as England legend slips over live on TNT while doing crossbar challenge

PETER CROUCH was left red-faced after hilariously slipping live on TV while attempting a shot at Molineux.

The much-loved former Liverpool striker is working as a pundit for his old club’s clash at Wolves this lunchtime.

TNT SportsPeter Crouch went flying as he attempted the crossbar challenge[/caption]

TNT SportsThe former England striker stacked it live on TNT Sports at Molineux[/caption]

TNT SportsFellow pundit Joe Cole was in hysterics at seeing the giant striker’s stumble[/caption]

TNT SportsThe 6ft 7in Crouch tried to laugh it off but he was soon viral on social media[/caption]

Crouch, 42, was joined on the TNT Sports panel by his ex-England team Joe Cole and the pair got the opportunity pre-match to show that they still possessed some of their magic.

Chelsea and West Ham legend Cole, 41, stepped up first to attempt the crossbar challenge out on the Molineux pitch, with his effort too low for the woodwork.

However, Crouch strode forward and proceeded to SLIP on his backside as his effort meakly went wide of the target.

The sight of the 6ft 7in star on the ground caused hysterics amongst his co-workers and the crowd behind the goal.

And the flustered Crouch then asked: “Who has made me do this for god sake?”

Cole replied: “Exactly what TNT Sport wanted.”

“You know what,” responded Crouch. “This is why you make me do these things. I’m going to be a meme forever now! Absolute disgrace.”

Brutally, TNT Sports shared the footage on X, formerly known as Twitter, shortly afterwards.


And footy fans were quick to rub further salt in the wounds of the ex-Tottenham, Portsmouth and Stoke City icon.

“Magnificent. Love it,” responded one fan, with another adding: “Seems as though Peter Crouch hasn’t kicked a football for a while.”

“Peter Crouch is absolute box office,” declared a fellow viewer.

Another tweeted: “A mighty fine John Terry impression from Peter Crouch in the pre-match crossbar challenge.”

And another joked: “Peter Crouch stacking it taking a shot. That’s a long fall.”

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