Pathways To Good News:

Every good thing you must achieve in life, has the best roads or strategies to getting it. WhereWhere there is bad news, there is also good news; each has its ways for realization. The firstfirst step to contacting good news is:

1. The Attitude Of Holiness. Luke 1:26-28. Mary was found a virgin amongst virgins. Though, she was not the only virgin, but she was chosen from amongst the virgins. TheThe word, ‘virgin’ refers to a sacred entity, purified vessel, sanctified container etc.

Every good news must be traced to a sanctified root, if it must last for life! Holiness is beyond human tradition or culture; it has to with the content and the display of your heart. If your heart is good towards people in all that you do, your holy living is confirmed. Don’t you ever forget this; when your life is pleasing God, there is nothing good HeHe (God) can’t release in your direction.

To attract good news this year, make sure your character carries God’s presence.

Reflecting Prayers:- Father, thank you for your word to me today. I receive grace to life for you and live in peace with others this year. Amen!

Spirtual Caution! Live as if rapture will take place the next minute, but plan as if you will live on earth forever!