Paige Spiranac gives brilliant answer to X-rated question as she admits she ‘can’t do anything about it’

PAIGE SPIRANAC revealed she enjoys being questioned about her breasts – after a fan found a new angle.

The golf influencer faces relentless queries on whether they are real.

Instagram @_paige.reneePaige Spiranac answered a new slant on the BIG question[/caption] American golf influencer capped some cheeky answers by saying it’s ‘fun’ to talk about her breasts[/caption]

Instagram/_paige.reneePaige says she ‘understands’ all the attention over her boobs[/caption]

But in her latest Instagram Q&A she was instead asked: “Don’t you mind all these questions about your boobs every time?”

Paige, 30, always insists her look is all natural – and she took the latest twist on her most common topic in her stride.

The former pro player replied: “It’s just how they look. They are real.

“And I can’t do anything about it – so I might as well show them off, eh?”

The social media star with 3.9million Instagram followers is more than happy to have “fun” about her bust.

In fact, the American believes it IS big… and it IS clever – to take advantage of all the attention she receives, both online and from her daring outfits on the course.

Paige said: “I think they’re funny and it’s a big part of my brand.

“If there is one thing about me, I’m self aware – I understand.

“So I like to turn things that people might get offended about into jokes and have fun with it.

“So, no, I don’t care one bit!”

Instagram @ social media celeb also has her own website[/caption]

Instagram/Paige SpiranacPatriotic Paige has a massive following of 3.9m Instagram followers[/caption]