Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland
-492 Churches planted across Nigeria today.
-614 new Missionaries/ Pastors completed induction on Friday (14th August 2020) and already at their duty stations.
-The heathens are wondering marvelously (Habakkuk 1:5)

On this Covenant Family Day, ask the Lord to touch your various families: your nuclear and extended families; your lineage and avert every siege of the wicked that might be tormenting your family in any way. Desire an encounter with the Word today in Jesus precious name we have given thanks.

Father in the name of Jesus, we thank You again for bringing us back Home (Isaiah 51:11).
Today marks the end of sorrow and mourning in your life!
It marks the end of sorrow and mourning in your family!
The plague of untimely death is over in your household!
The plague of failure, defeat, devastation is over in your family!
Today shall be to every worshipper a Service of Open Doors in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

We have a 3 in 1 service today:
1. Our prophetic home coming service and according to scriptures, you shall return with gladness and joy; sorrow and mourning shall flee away.
2. Today, across the nations of the world, it is also our Covenant Family Day where the blessings of the House are proclaimed over families and then every issue that you might have been struggling with over time: hereditary diseases, generational curses, spells and enchantments shall all be destroyed today.
3. It’s our Special Monthly Anointing service and the purpose of the anointing is to destroy all satanic yokes.

Today, you are leaving this Service liberated, set free to fulfill your glorious destiny in Christ, in the name of Jesus.

God is still leading His people today (Psalm 32:8). God is expressing His commitment in instructing us, to leading us and to guiding us. The reason why no devil can check us out of here is that we are led here. I heard God say to me, “this is the place.” So, all the demonic strongholds in the land fled. You know when God leads, the red sea clears the way. When God leads, Pharaoh’s army are drowned in the sea. When God leads, supplies never ends. You will never miss out of God’s leading anymore in your life.

We’ve said it over and again since the month began that we have an enviable destiny in redemption but it’s only realizable through the leading of the Spirit (Galatians 4:28, Genesis 26:12-14).
…that’s the order of destiny that redemption has brought you and I into. You are not to be pitied by anyone. You are to be envied by everyone. The days of pity are over in your life.
Do you know how elastic how destiny is in Christ? As far as your eyes can see, unto you will I give it.
If you see a pitiable destiny, that’s what you have.
If you see an enviable destiny, that’s what you get.
If redemption has brought us to the realm of Isaac order of existence; Isaac waxed great, became very great and the Philistines envied him: that’s your destiny (Genesis 26:13-14).
When Jesus came, the Bible said, “He shall be great and shall be called the Son of the Highest” (Luke 1:32).
He (Jesus) said, “as the Father has sent me, so send I you. You have an enviable destiny in Christ, but we’ll have to be led there first, step by step, phase by phase, by the leading of the Holy Spirit.
You don’t know dry seasons when God is leading (Isaiah 48:21).
We opened the year and called it, “A Year To Watch” and I came out with 7 strong things to watch in the Year 2020 by the Spirit of God.
In spite of the lock down, by the grace of God, 492 new Churches are being planted across Nigeria.
We concluded induction for 614 Missionaries/ Pastors and they took off to their respective stations.
Over 4,000 Churches have been planted this year in spite of the lock down. No force in hell can lock down God’s agenda for your life. As the Lord lives, you are still breaking limits this year.
Joseph slept in the night as a Prisoner, he woke up in the morning as a Prime Minister.

1. Through Prayer and Fasting
Fasting is prescribed for accessing divine guidance (Isaiah 58:6,11). His guidance delivers from the torture of dry seasons. He shows us the way to go through the act of prayer and fasting (Ezra 8:21-23).

Why is this Church not growing? I proclaimed a 3 day fast among us who are staff (3 plus myself making 4) and on the third day, the Lord led the way out of a crawling Church ministry and brought us into this awesome experience of explosive growth across the nations of the earth. 3 days only.

2. By being in love with God
…ALL things I have heard of my Father, I have made known unto thee – including the way to go; the steps to take; the brake to apply (John 15:15, 1 Corinthians 2:9-10). That’s your new level. Stay in love with God, not just singing love songs, not just speaking love words but proving the sincerity of your love by loving what God loves most.
God’s greatest love on earth is the salvation of souls (John 3:16, John 21:15-17). A tireless pursuit for the salvation of the souls of men both on the altar of prayer and in reaching out to them in soul winning. It’s one way to validate our love for God and that brings us into the realm of visions and revelations.

3. Through visions and revelations
God showed Paul the way to go by a heavenly vision as He struck him on the way to Damascus and unveiled to him the things he must suffer for His name; Paul said, “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision” (Acts 26:19).

God still unveils His plan through visions and revelations today (Job 2:28). We are in the age of visions and revelations.
I pray that every visionary encounter you require to access your next levels of breakthroughs in the adventure of life will be granted to you.

I was in an 18-hour drawn out vision before the Lord, it’s still like yesterday to me.
There is no way Moses can forget the burning bush. It’s an experience that sticks.
There is no way Paul could forget how he was struck blind on the way to Damascus.
There is no way I can forget in my life how I met with Jesus for 18 long hours and He showed me the predicament of mankind. I saw them groaning and agonizing for rescue. The groaning was so intense that I couldn’t help it, I joined in the groaning and began to ask, “Why Lord?” He told me, “From the beginning, it was not so and now the hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the world of faith and I am sending you to undertake this task.”

It’s not a Church that is formed by a group of people: “let’s form something and let’s call it Living Faith Church, we’ll call it Winners’ Chapel, we’ll call another one Faith Tabernacle.” It is not formed, it is created.
1982, He said, “you will be standing in one place and I will cause what you are saying to be seen on the screen across the nations of the world.”
We had as high as 160 nations during lock down that are constantly on with us in our services. Whatever God creates cannot be destroyed by man.
We had testimonies of corona virus healing – online healings sir from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, USA, UK, Spain because God said so. When God said, “let there be light, no devil has been able to stop it.”
Whatever God says, it is unstoppable by man. Any effort by man or group of people is an effort in futility.

1. When God leads, you are inbuilt with divine confidence. Do you know how 3 million people approached the Red Sea? That would appear suicidal, but they knew they were not going to be drowned. If they knew they would be drowned, many would run back.

When the sea saw them coming, 3 million people, the sea gave way (Psalm 114:3). You think the sea has no sense
When Pharaoh said, “this is a very good time, let’s run after them.” He took off the wheels from their chariots and covered the strength of Egypt under water (Exodus 14:25).

When God leads, He inbuilds with divine confidence.
3 million people went through the desert and were fed twice a day (Exodus 16:8, 35). Unusual confidence.

How do we get water?
A rock followed them which was Christ, issuing water to service the needs of 3 million people for 40 years (1 Corinthians 10:4).
It is when you are not led that you become jittery. When you are led, you are as strong as a lion, “I’m doing what I’m doing because I’m led; you want to challenge it, try it, whether I’m sent or not.”

For most of the time, I will be speaking in tongues, so you need to get the gift of the interpretation of tongues. It is available to everybody.
There is nothing I say, that I don’t know what it means. Glory to God.
The Church has prevailed!!!

2. Supernatural Favour
When God is leading, favour usually accompanies the led (Psalm 23:1, 6). When the Lord is leading, favour keeps following. Following the leading of the Lord commits favour to keep following you. You will never run favour dry anymore in the name of Jesus Christ.

We serve a family loving God. The first family created enjoyed blessings from the Lord and God has not changed (Genesis 1:27-28, Malachi 3:6).
He is still blessing families today and your family shall be blessed afresh today.
We know that God wants all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:4).
He wants all men to be saved including our entire household as in the case of Cornelius and the Jailer (Acts 10:24,44,46-47; Acts 16:30, 31).
If anybody has an unsaved son or daughter, today is declared their day of salvation. In Africa, your family is not just your wife, husband and children; your family is as large as the sea.
It was difficult for me to understand the meaning of Nephew, Cousin, Uncle because we grew up seeing everybody in our clan as our brothers and sisters. It’s the white man that says there is a cousin, a nephew. We only know kinsmen in Africa and the Bible recognises kinsmen in the house of Cornelius. People that when something affect, it affects you. People that when something touch, it touches you. They are your kinsmen and He want all of them saved and all we need is to demand for their salvation.
You are lover of family, you are a lover of kinsmen: “save this soul Jesus”; extend the hand of love to him/her, to bring the him/her into the kind of rest that God has given you and He will save him/her.
He wants you saved and your house. He wants your kinsmen saved and your near friends.
There is no way to escape without salvation (Hebrews 2:3). For them to be out of the ordeals of life that might have afflicted the family lineage for a long time, we need to demand for their salvation (1 John 5:14-15).


1. To secure the rescue of our family members, we must recognise that obedience as individuals is gateway to all round blessings in the Kingdom (Psalm 112:1-3). Our delightsome obedience covers our generation, seed. Obedience! (Matthew 6:33).
2. Enter into a covenant to serve God and the interest of His Kingdom as an individual so as to bring an end to all the wickedness of the wicked against our household.
You enter into that covenant; He gives you all round rest (2 Chronicles 15:15)
– Rest over your nuclear family members.
– Rest over your kinsmen in your extended family.
All round rest!

They entered into a Covenant; the Lord gave them rest round about and there was no more war (2 Chronicles 15:12,15,19).
3. We stand in the gap to break any curse that might be tormenting our family lineage (Jeremiah 33:3, James 4:2). Stop laughing at unwanted issues, rise up to challenge them.
Well, open up today, to receive the proclaimed blessing on your life and families.

Numbers 23:8, 20
The irreversible blessing of God will come upon you and your family today. By that blessing, every closed door to your family is declared re-opened in the name of Jesus Christ.

Remember the Word says I am the Lord that confirmeth the Word of my servant and performeth the counsel of my messengers… (Isaiah 44:26).
There are many families where no one seems to lift up the head, there are forces sitting on the destiny of God’s people that won’t let anything have expression in their lives (Zechariah 1:19,21).

The anointing of the Holy Spirit is a mystery.
We saw Him landing as a Dove upon Jesus as He was coming out of water after being baptized (Luke 3:22).
We saw Him came as a Mighty Rushing Wind in the Upper room (Acts 2:2).
We saw Jesus return with fire in His tongue from the 40-day prayers and fasting; as He opened the Book, all eyes were fixed on Him (Luke 4:20).
We saw the same Holy Ghost released through the mystery of the oil as David was anointed in the midst of his brethren (1 Samuel 16:13).
The Spirit of the Lord: the same that came upon Jesus; the same that filled the Brethren in the upper room; the same Spirit of the Lord, the one that filled men and women in the house of Cornelius.
Remember, there is one Spirit (Ephesians 4:4-5).
What’s in the Oil? The Spirit of God that destroys yokes (Luke 4:18). As this Oil is blessed today, every yoke of the wicked tormenting any aspect of your life shall be destroyed by the power of God.
The mystery of the Holy Anointing Oil is a generational mystery (Exodus 30:31,25).
We saw Samuel anointing David with oil to reign; you can’t reign until you are anointed in Israel.
We saw Jesus gave bottles of oil to his disciples (Mark 6:12-13).
We saw the Apostles prescribing anointing with oil to them that were sick (James 5:14-15).
We’ve seen the Oil in this Commission.

What is in the Oil?
1. It’s a dangerous force in favour of the children of God and against the wickedness of the wicked.
God anointed Jehu to cut down the house of Ahab (2 Chronicles 22:7). Anointed to cut down.
*By the anointing of today, the wickedness of the wicked against your family shall be cut down.

2. The Healing power of God (Mark 6:13, James 5:14-15).
3. The Breakthrough power of God. The same way your Church has been breaking through in spite of the lock down. Breakthroughs (Habakkuk 1:5). I’m amazed, we were running with this prophetic scripture in the late 70s.
That in the midst of the lock down, God is harvesting labourers, equipping them and deploying them. Awesome God.
Don’t you see the heathens are wondering marvelously, ‘ki ni o se awon ara bi?’ where are they getting it from?
Do you know what that happens sir? We’ve added over 4,000 people to your payroll. Amen.
Who get their pay with dignity! They don’t pray for it. No one has ever been paid a day later in this organisation in spite of the lock down nonsense.
We can tell you the way there if you are humble enough to know.
2 hours after this Service, you will never know anybody came here: cleaned up.
NUC came to our Campus in the old Church for one week, they said, “they couldn’t pick a wrap of sweet on the floor”; Is this Nigeria? They said.
This is not the kind of place that you are organizing hygiene, we have been hygienic longest time.

There is no king that enters any of our toilets and feels, “what is this?” till tomorrow.
I was never out any Sunday throughout the 20 weeks.

The healing power of God indwells the Oil. The breakthrough power of God indwells the Oil.
Everything is working here.
Do you know power never went out for those 20 weeks? Water never went dry in the pipe for this huge community!
Show me where else in this country but the growth and expansion of the Church is a torment to the devil and his agents, but their cry is just beginning. Because you haven’t seen anything yet:
Churches like nations will begin to rise in their numbers across the nations of the earth. No force from hell can stop it (Matthew 16:18).

Expect these events in your life.

4. The Miracle working power of God in the Oil. Whatever they say, “it will take a miracle, expect it to be delivered today.”
This will require a miracle – expect it to be delivered today in the name of Jesus Christ.
Someone’s mother was plagued with Cancer, by divine direction, I got myself back to the office. I can’t tell why I needed to go back. I saw this lady crying and I said, “what’s the matter?”
She said: my mother is diagnosed with Cancer.
I said: do you have her picture, she said Yes.
I anointed the picture in ‘Raji Oba’, God delivered her from Cancer in America.
We were in Calabar in 2016 and there was one Pastor’s wives that was plagued with Cancer at its terminal end and so there was no way to move her out of the hospital. They brought the picture after we had our service in our Church and anointed the picture; that was it. By Tuesday, they couldn’t trace cancer anymore.

Every work of the devil shall be undone today.

Give God thanks for the Word if you caught anything.

Take your bottles of oil:
The content of this bottle is declared the Holy Anointing Oil.
As this Oil comes upon your head, you are anointed to cut down the wickedness of the wicked in your family and you will hear news.
As this Oil comes upon your head, I declare a new order of breakthroughs in your life.
As this Oil comes on your head, your total health: spirit, soul and body is declared restored.
As this Oil comes on your head, I declare manifestation of special miracles in all areas of your life.
So, shall it be.

Put a little on your forehead and proclaim the delivery of your desires according to the Prophetic Word that has gone forth.
– I am anointed to cut down the wickedness of the wicked in my family, lineage. An end has come to sorrow and mourning. An end has come to untimely death.
– By this Anointing, you must hear good news that the troubler of your family is gone, that the troubler of lineage is gone; the siege is over. You must hear news and you shall hear news!

Everybody pray, make your proclamations.
A number of our testimonies from across the nations has to do with people taking a shot of the oil at the command of the Prophet because it is ordained to burn off chaff inside you with unquenchable fire; preserve every organ on your inside for soundness and effectiveness (Matthew 3:11-12).
For everyone that believes, as you take this shot of Oil, I decree the supernatural restoration of your health. Every terminal disease shall be flushed out. You will testify. There shall be waves of instant healings and deliverances in the name of Jesus Christ.
Take a shot of the Oil: glorify God, celebrate Him for the testimonies.

Lift up those 2 hands:
– Your families are declared rescued.
– The horns of the gentiles resisting the rising up of men and women in your family, they are shattered today.
– The mark of the wicked on your lineage returns back to sender.
– The mark of misfortune on your lineage returns back to sender.

Thank You Father in Jesus precious name. Lift up your two hands: Give God thanks, Celebrate Him in the name of Jesus.
Anoint your homes today, as you get home.
Anoint your business places as you get in there tomorrow and watch for overnight breakthrough encounters that will be coming your way by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Give Him thanks.


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