Direct Engagement in Mining opens countless opportunities for interested people to begin to make fortunes because few persons who directly engage in legal Mining activities in Nigeria is not enough compared to the demands for Mine produce. If, CEMENT continues to be a mainstay for civil works, then, need for GEMSTONES will always stare us in the face.

1. GEMSTONE, as an Industrial Mineral, holds so many opportunities because, for now, demands for it will always exceed the supplies. What is however required is for diligence to be afforded in order to master it. It requires the development of special skills for Gemstone Cutting, Polishing and Jewelry making. Gemstone deposits abound in some States in Nigeria and it is in hot demands.

2. MINERAL EXPLORATION is another begging opportunity which can be utilized by those who have special skill in Geo-sciences and who have acquired the capacities to man different exploration equipment. Manning EXPLORATION EQUIPMENT is for the generation of necessary data compulsorily required for investment decisions. For, as long as data requirement affords investors informed decisions on particular Mining Sites, exploitation of huge investment in data generation is a begging opportunity.

Even if it is not individually, People of like-minds can collaborate, maybe as Cooperatives, to float MINERAL EXPLORATION Companies to harness the abundant opportunities because there are few existing ones in the country.


3. MINERAL SECTOR DOWNSTREAM VALUE-CHAIN means that very many opportunities abound here for our people to begin to think on how to start exploiting same. For instance, demands for Bricks have started to increase as alternative to Blocks. Thus, using available Clay Materials for production of quality Bricks for the housing sector is a gaping opportunity and only few persons do it in Nigeria whereas Nigeria’s huge population is a big market that will always patronize such. With time, one can think of exporting same.

4. DIMENSION STONE INDUSTRY in Nigeria is still at infancy stage whereas Nigeria is endowed with over 100 varieties of dimension stone.

5. SMELTING and REFINING of noble and base metals like gold, silver, zinc, lead, tin, tantalite, manganese etc are still opportunities yet to be exploited.

6. Numerous opportunities abound in MINERAL PROCESSING and BENEFICIATION which our people can tap from in almost all the solid mineral resources available in the country.

Uncountable numbers of our people, in response, have been expressing gratitude for these eye-openers in form of information regarding this. Many are equally inquiring about funding opportunities to actualize their ambitions in this regard. The next piece will focus on this all-important issue.

Have a meaningful week and may all our noble endeavors be crowned with success.

Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah,

Minister of State: Mines & Steel Development,

Federal Republic of Nigeria.