OnlyFans star who claims to be last virgin on site blames World Cup for lost profits because men ‘prefer footie to sex’

A BRAZILIAN OnlyFans model has blamed the Qatar World Cup for impacting her earnings by taking away male attention.

Kerolay Chaves, 21, known as White Fairy on social media platforms, has complained that the tournament had a devastating impact on the adult market.

Kerolay Chaves was supporting Brazil during the World Cup

Her OnlyFans revenue took a major downturn during the tournament

Chaves, whose OnlyFans income reportedly decreased by 60 per cent during the World Cup, said: “I don’t have a favourite, my biggest victory will be to get men’s attention back.

“They prefer football to sex, they bet much more than they pay for my content.”

But despite the income drop, the ex-mobile phone technician, who claims to be the “last virgin” left on OnlyFans, says she likes football.

She reportedly owns a Neymar-signed national jersey which she bought thinking it was a real autograph before discovering it was fake.

She is looking forward to customers returning after the World Cup finished

Kerolay insists she did enjoy the World Cup despite the loss of profits

She claims to be the only virgin left on OnlyFans

Earlier this month, she posted a pair of custom-made panties with a picture of Tottenham forward Richarlison on Instagram.

She then said: “[I] customized a pair of panties with Richarlison’s face.

“I know he won’t play tomorrow, but this is my lucky charm for us to win HEXA in this Cup! Go Brazil!”

Chaves explained that she plans on posting new and exclusive content on the platform to compensate for her losses during the World Cup – which ended on Sunday as Argentina lifted the trophy.


She then added: “Let’s see if they go back to preferring a woman over men chasing a ball…”

The gorgeous model made headlines when she claimed she was the “last virgin on OnlyFans” following hymenoplasty surgery to rebuild her hymen in July.

At the time, she explained it by saying: “I thought about making one of the biggest requests I’ve receive on the platform because I am very grateful for the independence I gained with it.”

Chaves is known as “White Fairy” on social media

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