Ongoing Lottery in Nigeria

Like rare moments of sheer luck, the dream of winning the lottery is not unique to any human. As creatures that are unlimited in wants but limited in resources, the opportunity of earning so much from so little is one we must grab with bothhands.

More often than not, this opportunity presents itself up dressed as a lottery. Winning the lottery is the ultimate achievement of luck.

“I always knew I was a very lucky lady, so I kept buying my tickets and playing my numbers. I knew I had to be patient, it just had to pay off someday”

  • Janet K. A $200k jackpot winner, USA

Most people in Nigeria share Janet’s sentiments and would like to play the lottery as well. But they feel disappointed because they think that such opportunities for winning the lottery are not available in Nigeria. How wrong!

What is a lottery?

Sometime abbreviated to “lotto” in Nigeria, a lottery is a situation or event whose success or outcome is governed by chance. In this case, this “situation or event” is hundreds of millions of Naira and raffle draw auctions of essential items for as low as a fraction of the cost price. All of this available, starting from as low as N50.

Which lotteries are available in Nigeria?

Most people have the impression that every lottery is to win an American Visa. However this is false.

In Nigeria, a plethora of lotteries are available. Each unique with it’s method of application and jackpot on offering.

A good example of an ongoing lottery in Nigeria is iAutionX.


Many things separate this particular lottery from the lot. For one thing

  • It’s very easy to play
  • You can start with just N50
  • Both Cash and prizes like cars and mobile phones are jackpot
  • There is a 70% cashback on every winning lottery with inadequate number of tickets; i.e., you get your money back.
  • is a really intuitive website.

The above reasons combined with video testimonies of previous winners has convinced Nigerians of iAutionX’s mission to:

 “Upgrade the lives of people in Nigeria” (italics ours.)

How can you play the iAutionX lottery in Nigeria?

Previously those who wanted to play the lottery in Nigeria had to buy lottery tickets at big stores and the stress of the process made it prohibitory for some. Now, playing for a chance to win the lottery has become easier than ever.

  • Register for free at
  • Add funds to your wallet
  • Through the secured platform
  • Participate in any lottery option
  • Play your numbers
  • Win the lottery and conciliatory prizes

Can I really win the ongoing lottery in Nigeria?

Some people think their chances of winning the ongoing lottery in Nigeria are a helpless 1 in millions. Maybe true, but it’s also a 50/50 chance of winning each time you play.

If you have ever daydreamed about what it would be like to win the ongoing lottery, you are not alone. Now that dream can be achieved in Nigeria. Wouldn’t it be cool that instead of having to make choices about how to spend your money, you had all the money and could buy anything you want?

That is the main idea of the lottery, to fulfil this nationally shared dream.