The National President of Ohanaeze Youth Council(OYC), Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka has expressed disappointment over the statement credited to the President of the Arewa Northern Youth Forum, Alhaji Yerima Shettima who declared that no Igbo person will ever rule Nigeria.

OYC is not surprised that a supposed Youth leader who should call a spade by its name is found wanting simply because he is heavy funded by fulani political oligarchy who thinks that Nigeria president is a birth right of the fulani.

The National President of OYC in his speech reminded Shettima Yerima that Fulanis has ruled Nigeria with five military heads of state and three civilian presidents since 50 years yet Nigeria is worst undeveloped Country in Africa. He described the scenario as a typical evident that the Northern politicians lack capacity to rule or govern Nigeria. Comrade Igboayaka warned Shettima Yerima not to rely on the Britain conspiracy as a weaker vessel that handed leadership to them to boast that an Igbo man can’t rule Nigeria.

It’s unfortunate that the Northern Nigeria have ruled Nigeria since 50 years but remain the most poorest region in the whole African, therefore they should plead for an Igbo Man to rule Nigeria at least to get them out of stinking poverty that have ruined their life. Comrade Igboayaka noted that Shettima Yerima and other Northern youths should rise and campaign vigorously for an Igbo man be the President of Nigeria in 2023 at least to rescue the Northerners from Mass illiteracy which they have recorded in the whole of west African.

OYC President revealed that It’s only an Igbo man becoming president of Nigeria will stop the increase of Almajiri’s, by bring at least solution to reintegrate the Northern Nigeria into a meaningful state of life than a life in the street.

OYC regretted that instead the level of insecurity in Nigeria should be the worry of Shettima Yerima he is busy chasing a black horse at Midnight. Comrade Igboayaka noted that every reasonable Nigerian should be worried how to managed the Incompetent of Gen. Mohammadu Buhari led federal government which have led Nigeria to Insecurity of life and properties, economic collapse and disunity.

OYC wondered Why must Yerima always seek to divert the attention of the public with unguarded and insensitive statements to something that has no connection with the issues on ground just to score cheap political points and to satisfy the ego of his Fulani political pay masters?

Yerima’s desperate effort to should be on the Fulani herdsmen murderers, bandits and kidnappers who has been killing in Southern Kaduna and middle belt than diverting the attention of the public is an obvious attestation to the calling of the Igbo race as being driven by his fear of incompetence of Northern politician from losing power to more competent hands from Eastern Nigeria. otherwise, he would have tackled or confronted the killers boldly as a patriotic Nigerian Youth rather than talking like as a tribalistic bigotry

OYC is aware that Yerima and cohort are not acting alone, they are supported by political profiteers and Northern cabals that have sworn to lead Nigeria into a national disaster.

It has become absolutely clear that the ambition of the North to retain Presidency is to continue with their Fulanization agenda which has been resisted and rejected by Southern Nigerians, and Igbos are the major tribe that can stop them by every means necessary to Islamize Nigeria.

Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka maintained that Nigeria president of Igbo extraction is a birthday cake for Ndigbo that can calm the political tension, disintegration from the agitation of over 70 million pro-Biafran which are mainly Igbos. Obviously Shettima must come to reality now that the fate of Nigeria will be determine on urgent need to surrender the office of the Nigeria President to an Igbo man in 2023 general election. Comrade Igboayaka stated that Ndigbo constitute 42.8% of total population of Nigeria, Ndigbo remain the most second populated tribe in all the States in the Northern and Western Nigeria.

OYC promised Yerima and his cohort that 2023 presidential election will not be a child play of massive rigging of the North, but OYC will mobilize over 30 million Igbo youths both Pro-Biafra groups to win the election or they North will stand the risk of losing Ndigbo from being part of Nigeria after 2023.

Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to National President, Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC).
June 27, 2020