Obasanjo Jumps Off High Podium At Event, Nigerians Dare 2023 Presidential Candidates (Video)

Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo sparked reactions online with a video of him jumping off a high podium at the White Christmas Festival which was held in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Naija News reports that the 85-year-old elder stateman after delivering his speech stunned the guest with the manner in which he jumped down.

The viral video captured the moment two men suddenly rushed to assist Obasanjo, but he held their hands and jumped down from the podium with guests applauding him.

Naija News reports that the video sparked reactions from many Nigerians, with many daring all the 2023 presidential candidates to do likewise.

charmingcharjoe wrote: “All the presidential aspirants should do this challenge, I just want to check something respectfully”

michael._u wrote: “Make una no put ideas inside Tinubu’s mind oo. If he try am, na afterlife straight”

leaddyskincare wrote: “This man!!!! After his government,no other was better than his honestly”

easternvibez wrote: “But wait oo.. thought the podium has a step to walk of it easily, why did he chose to jump ? Nigeria politicians will never stop this comedy”

iamnaniboi wrote: “God has really blessed this man with sound heath of mind and body”

seun_dreams wrote: “Whereas a certain candidate can’t do this.”

kingtimah_ wrote: “Once a solider always a solider. Normally, OBJ no be their mate”

amaobiokani wrote: “If tinubu, buhari or atiku try this thing eh, make I no talk sha . We all pray to stay strong at this age”

vickygold009 wrote: “But jokes apart this man strong ooo,very strong self for his age wow”

idrisconnectingnigeria wrote:  “If it was my candidate people will see the support Society functions better
Not when we sit down and point out obstacles. But when we’re part of the solution”

This article was originally published on Naija News

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