Nigeria’s Top Lottery Strategy Myths Debunked

There are lots of myths and outright fallacies about lottery strategies in Nigeria and the internet keeps perpetuating these lies.

Many lottery players across Nigeria believe these strategy myths will help them increase their chances of winning the lottery.

I figure it is high time to get some of these myths debunked.

So, keep reading to discover these strategy myths.

Myth #1:Setting Lottery Budget

Setting yourself a weekly playing budget is one of the numerous tips the charlatans claim that will help increase your odds of winning the massive jackpot.

According to them, this strategy will not only allow you to work more methodically but also use your lottery budget to its full potential instead of aimlessly trying several numbers of games.

Truth: You could spend your budget on one game or all the games available, in the end, you will still have the same chance of winning on each particular game.

Myth #2 Avoiding Quick Pick Selections

Some lottery players in Nigeria believe that the quick pick selections are chosen to give players the chance of winning. They further feel it is the lottery company’s secret way of gaining an advantage over the players.

Hence, lottery players are advised to select their number. The truth however is, it doesn’t matter where you select your pick numbers yourself or the computer does the picking, each set of numbers stands the same chance of winning as the next set of numbers.

1-6 is most likely to turn up as 7, 15, 22, 34, 42, and 49.

Myth #3: Selecting Sequential Numbers

Another strategy devised by Nigerian players is ensuring your selection consists of sequential numbers. The conspiracy of this theory of picking sequential ordering of numbers will improve players’ odds of winning.

It is quite impossible to substantiate this theory because it is a load of trash. Interestingly, lots of players across Nigeria still use it as a strategy.

Myth #4: Choose Numbers That Have Not Drawn For a While

The thought of picking numbers that have not appeared for a long time is similar to when roulette players will back red if black has dominated the play or back the even numbers if the odds have not landed on a few spins in a row.

Honestly, there is no proof that this theory works. It is simply human nature to find patterns and exploit them.

Myth #5: Stick to Your Numbers

This method of sticking to your numbers after selection is surely a strategy that was formulated by players that possessed obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The theory of this strategy is that if players pick a certain set of numbers long enough then they will eventually win the jackpot.

Some lottery players in Nigeria believe that the week you decide not to choose the numbers you started with, might be the week that those numbers are drawn.

In reality, it doesn’t matter what numbers you select in weeks, each set of numbers stands the same chance of winning as the next set of numbers.


Myth #6: Re-Invest Your Lottery Winnings

This strategy, no doubt was created by a player that had spent a lot of time at the roulette tables.

It certainly holds similarities to the classic roulette technique of reinvesting your winnings to improve your chances of winning at the table.

Unfortunately, roulette deals with smaller outcomes and focuses on the red or black results. Lottery, on the other hand, deals with odds of 1,000,000/1 and that’s in a best-case scenario for the jackpot prize depending on the particular country lottery you are playing.

With that said, the fact is that re-investing your winnings is only a sure way of losing your winnings

Myth #7: Number 13 is the Luck-Less Number

There are no unlucky or lucky numbers in the lottery.

All the numbers have the same theoretical probability, and thus, the only method to increase your chances of winning the massive jackpot is by understanding how the lottery works from the probability perspective.

Myth #8: Birthdates, Anniversaries, Ages Are Poor Numbers

This is another strategy myth that many lottery players believe and they try to avoid these numbers.

And it is absurd to prove this theory because it is a load of garbage. In my opinion, if those numbers are a part of an effective lottery technique, then it’s not bad at all.

But in the case when you don’t know what you are doing, then those numbers become useless.

I will recommend that you select numbers based on the best pattern in your lottery system.

Myth #9: The Best Time to Play Is When The JackPot Is Big

Frankly, when the prize is massive, a horde of lottery lovers will play and chances of sharing the big prize are indeed high.

It makes no sense to win the huge jackpot and take just one-third of the money. It is just like winning when the jackpot is less attractive, isn’t it?

Sure, you can wait to play when the draw’s jackpot is at the maximum to make the most of your stake, but what is the proof that the prize is going higher in the next draw.

Truth: Waiting is pointless. As soon as your savings are sufficient, make sure you go out and play.

Myth #10: Choosing Your Numbers Using Aesthetic Pattern

The lottery is a random game and it knows no beauty. If you select numbers based on pretty patterns,  then don’t expect a victory party.

I understand that selecting numbers during a lotto play can be tough.

But the truth is to increase your chance of winning, I recommend that you put more effort into your number selection process.

And if Maths is not your cup of tea, grab someone’s shoulder who actually understands Algebra or use a lottery calculator to discover what works in your lotto game system.


No strategy or tactic guarantees your chances of winning the lottery game.

Learn and focus more on the logical lottery tips that can work and do it. You can either choose to waste your money or play smart.

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