Nigerian Newspapers Daily Front Pages Review | Thursday 31st August, 2023

Naija News looks at the top happenings making headlines on the front pages of Nigeria’s national newspapers today Thursday 31st August 2023.

The PUNCH: President Bola Tinubu has expressed concern over the rising cases of coups in African countries, calling for a comprehensive consensus against the spread of “contagious autocracy” across the continent. The President said he was committed to working with other African leaders to defend democracy on the continent.

The Guardian: It is a tipping point for Africa as a contagion of political upheaval rattles markets, increases risk premiums and tips already debt-burdened governments to a historic fiscal drought, market trends have shown. This is as Gabon President, Ali Bongo, yesterday joined the list of ousted presidents in Africa after the military took over power in the Central African nation, making it the eighth since 2020.

ThisDay: President Bola Tinubu, yesterday, officially reacted to the unconstitutional change of government in neighbouring Republic of Gabon, and said he was already in talks with other world leaders on how to respond to the spreading autocratic tendencies across the continent.

The Nation: Wednesday’s coup in Central African country Gabon drew anger from world leaders and international organisations. They asked the junta to return to their barracks and restore democratic order in the thinly-populated oil-rich country.

Daily Trust: Following Wednesday’s coup in Gabon, Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has expressed concern that a contagion of autocracy was spreading across Africa. He said he was working very closely with other Heads of State in the African Union towards a comprehensive consensus response after the coup in Gabon.

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