Niger Coup: Tijjaniyya Urges ECOWAS To Opt For Diplomatic Solution

The International Organization of Tijaniyyah Brotherhood has advised the
Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to use diplomacy in the Niger Republic leadership crisis.

Their message was in a letter to Nigeria’s President, Bola Tinubu, who also heads ECOWAS.

The letter, released in Abuja on Sunday, was signed by Brotherhood leaders, Prof. Abdullahi El-Okene and Prof. Mustafa Gwadabe.

It states, “The crisis should be handled with caution and maturity, so as not to inflict more hardship and economic dislocation on the people of Niger and those in Nigeria around the border with Niger.

“Already, people are living in hard times and require sympathy rather than dragging them into a war.”

According to the Brotherhood, although the military intervention in Niger politics is not a welcome development, the use of military force to restore the ousted government will only lead to more chaos.

Tijjaniyya added, “Indeed the economic sanctions which were imposed under the directive of ECOWAS will inflict more suffering on the ordinary people of Niger.

“These sufferings have a direct impact on the inhabitants of the border towns in Nigeria.”

The organisation posited that instead of enhancing democracy, military intervention in the crisis would further undermine the future of democracy in the sub-region.

The Muslim group, however, said it was categorically against any military intervention in Niger Republic.

It enjoined Nigerians to continue praying for peace and stability in Nigeria, Niger Republic and the sub-region.

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