Those of you defending the fiery Catholic Priest, reverend Father Ejike Mbaka for whatever reason are no better than some of our Northern brethren defending Buhari simply because he is one of their own.

Both of you belong in the same WhatsApp group of people who deserve to go back to living in the 15th century with all the antiquated primitiveness and clannishness. Both of you deserve Nigeria and Buhari. The Mbaka defenders are particularly worse because with your hypocritical posturing, you’ve proven wrong is only wrong depending on who did it.

Do some of you even realize that we are where we are today because people like Mbaka used their revered SPIRITUAL POSITION to KNOWINGLY market a HUMAN DISASTER (Buhari) to us TWICE???? Do you not know that we MOST PROBABLY would not be struggling to save ourselves from being overrun by bandits, Boko haram and economic deprivation as we are currently doing had people like Mbaka not placed intestinal consideration over their duty as Men of God??

What Mbaka did with Buhari in 2015 and 2019 can be likened to Religious Yahooism, only this time, it was done in the name of God using the pulpit as a cover. A man who took advantage of his privileged position as an ordained priest to KNOWINGLY push you all into a burning inferno, not once (in 2015) but TWICE (in 2019) even after seeing all the life-threatening injury this inferno inflicted on you for the first four years.This, to me, is the height of wickedness.

To be clear, I respect everyone’s right to support a political candidate. But Mbaka is not everyone. He is an ordained Catholic Priest, which means, he is occupying a high PUBLIC POSITION OF TRUST that is of a great spiritual importance. Any opinion he espoused in the pulpit is interpreted by “right thinking members of the society” as a divine opinion or instruction, more so because he himself usually make it clear he is speaking for God. In this context, the publics have a right to hold father Mbaka to a higher standard than even the presidency which is a political position which even a terrorist, bandit or retired Boko haram can aspire to.

I hear some say, “If the North could defend Pantami, we should defend Mbaka”

Good logic! Except that Isa Pantami used his privileged position to defend his religion by expousing views and ideology majority of his people obviously align with which is why they are defending him. Can you say the same about Mbaka? How has the Adoration prayer ministry director (Mbaka) defended you which would now justify your support??????

Let me be very clear, my anger here has nothing to do with the puerile allegation from the Presidency that the Priest is angry because his contract request was rejected. Everyone knows the


Muhammadu Buhari

Presidency is morally bankrupt, integrity-challenged and credibility-barren. And Mallam

Garba Shehu

, the President’s media aide is a blackmailing quota system low-budget intellectually-kwashiokored ethno-religious jingoist. This is why he thinks telling Nigerians that Mbaka brought contractors to be given contracts and was turned down, was the best way to divert our attention from the key issue contained in Mbaka’s message which is that the Buhari Presidency has failed woefully. If Garba Shehu wasn’t as dumb as his principal, the President, he would have known that asking for contract is not a crime, that is ASSUMING WITHOUT CONCEDING THAT MBAKA DID ASK FOR CONTRACT. What MIGHT constitute a crime is when one is awarded a govt contract and paid only for the person to spend the money without doing the contract. So Garba and his blackmailing gang should face the issue and stop the silly attempt at distraction.

Buhari is a monumental failure. Mbaka’s message was apt. This much is not debatable. But for emphasis, Mbaka doing a U-turn to start telling us what we all know and what he himself knew and saw about Buhari for 4 whole years but still went ahead to market the same failure of a President to us AGAIN IN 2019, is a direct insult on our intelligence.

According to Mbaka’s video message, God told him that Buhari is a MAN OF INTEGRITY, a Muslim who DOESN’T DISCRIMINATE, a CORRUPTION FIGHTER and A PRAYER-ANSWERED. And I ask: Are we talking about this particular Buhari or another one???

Any God who could not correctly read and predict Buhari who is unarguably Nigeria’s most transparent human fraud, is certainly not deserving of my worship. So before doing a U-turn, Mbaka need to clear the air as to how his own God failed to see through Buhari in 2015 and EVEN 2019 – FOUR FULL YEARS AFTER the same man has shown us his full color. Expecting me to commend the Priest for calling for Buhari’s resignation or impeachment is as nonsensical as expecting me to applaud a man who KNOWINGLY set me afire only to start calling firefighter after I have sustained life-threatening burnts which I may likely not survive.

Truth is, both Mbaka and Buhari/Garba Shehu deserve each other. NONE SHOULD BE DEFENDED because obviously, none of them is GENUINELY on our side.

God cannot be mocked!